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5 Reasons Motorized Solar Shades Make Your Life Easier

Do you own a home with many windows? Do you open and close your window blinds often? Lifting and closing heavy blinds multiple times throughout the day can be a hassle and a pain in the neck (literally). If this is true for you, motorized solar shades in Colorado Springs may be just what you need to make your life easier.

Motorized shades are efficient and effortless. You’ll quickly learn how this handy feature makes life easier when you click a button to raise and lower your shades upon command. Being blinded by the sun will be a thing of the past. Here are a few ways motorized solar shades in Colorado Springs will save you time and effort.

  1. Hard to Reach Windows

Do you have high, hard to reach windows? Do you find yourself standing on a chair or furniture to reach them? Be careful. It may work for a little while, but reaching high windows can be both difficult and dangerous.

Install motorized solar shades to block the sun or keep the cold out with remote operating systems. Trust us, you won’t miss grabbing a chair to reach high windows ever again!

  1. Outdoor Living Space

Solar shades are perfect to complement outdoor living spaces. They provide shade for a covered patio while shading your home from the outside. Rather than walking outside to raise or lower your shades, click a button with the motorized feature to raise and lower them on command.

  1. Large, Heavy Shades

Large windows are beautiful for a view, but if they’re not covered you could experience sun glare, sun damage to your furniture, or breezy drafts in the winter. Raising and lowering large blinds are heavy even for the strongest of people. Protect your furniture and reduce glare with motorized solar shades over large windows. Keep them open for a great view and close them quick and easy on sunny days.

  1. Safety First for Children and Pets

Motorized solar shades in Colorado Springs gives you one less thing to worry about for children and pets. It’s difficult to keep your eye on active children every second of the day. And that’s all it takes from something to go wrong.

These shades have no chords to become tangled in which means less worry for you. Protect your family and avoid unnecessary window blind cords with cordless motorized shades.

  1. Convenience at the Click of a Button

Do you get up from the couch to close your blinds so you can see the TV? Are you or a family member disabled which makes it difficult to close and open blinds? There’s a solution for that.

Motorized shades offer you and your family convenience at the click of a button. If you’re looking for efficient ways to outfit your home and improve your life, these blinds are a must-have for savvy homeowners.

Don’t wait another day. Make your life easier with motorized solar shades in Colorado Springs. Visit our showroom or schedule a free consultation. Convenience is just a click away.

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