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Faux wood blinds have several advantages over hardwood blinds.

‘Faux’ is French for ‘false’. Therefore, faux wood is just an imitation of wood. Faux wood blinds are made of PVC or vinyl, and some contain real wood within it, depending on the manufacturer.

Here are some advantages faux wood blinds have over the real thing.

1. Faux Wood Can Resist Moisture Better

Hardwood blinds can’t last long in moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens because they warp and spot. Faux wood blinds, on the other hand, don’t deteriorate in these environments. They stay strong even if they get wet.

When cleaning faux wood blinds, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet like you would worry about hardwood blinds. The moisture won’t affect their longevity.

2. Faux Wood Blinds Do Well in Environments of Extreme Heat and Humidity

Hardwood blinds warp in hot and humid environments. They’ll protect your home from sunlight, but when the humidity increases, the material will warp eventually. Faux wood blinds don’t have this problem.

faux wood blinds3. Faux Wood Blinds Are More Flexible and Durable

Do you have children and pets running around the house? If they accidentally rattle your faux wood blinds, they’ll be fine because of their flexibility. Hardwood will break if you hit it hard enough, and applying too much pressure on one side will make it snap.

Another aspect that makes faux wood blinds more durable is they are resistant to cleaning chemicals. You don’t have to be careful about using certain solutions to clean them. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful to hardwood blinds, but not harmful to faux wood blinds.

4. Faux Wood Blinds Will Go Easier on Your Wallet

Faux wood blinds are less expensive than hardwood blinds. If you’re on a budget, faux wood can save you some money whereas hardwood will ask more of you.

5. Faux Wood Looks like the Real Thing

On top of all of these advantages, faux wood looks like real hardwood. Your guests won’t be able to tell the difference without closely inspecting your blinds. This means it will give your home the same look while costing you less money and lasting longer.

Faux wood blinds require less maintenance and are less expensive while being more durable, flexible, and resistant to environmental hazards. Consider these advantages the next time you’re looking for wooden blinds as a window treatment.

With All of the Advantages of Faux, Why Choose Hardwood?

Hardwood blinds do have a few advantages of their own. For those who love the smell and feel of wood, they’re the real thing. Hardwoods blinds are also lighter than faux wood, and provide better insulation from cold and heat.

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