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Are Blinds or Shades Better for Window Coverings in Colorado Springs?

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When it’s time to redo the windows, it’s important to remember that window coverings Colorado Springs do more than to just stop people from peering in the windows. They also create dramatic effects on interior decor, control how much light gets into the house, and in some cases, help block the transfer of heat into or out of the home. Therefore, the difference between blinds and shades can be surprisingly substantial.

Window Coverings in Colorado Springs

Window Blinds

Window Coverings in Colorado Springs – Standard blinds are made of separate slats, and this gives them versatility that other window treatments don’t match. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical blinds, you’ll be able to open them in two ways: By turning the slats so that they allow more or less light in, and by fully opening or closing them as a unit. The ability to turn the slats is what makes them so unique. When the slats are fully closed, the view will be blocked along with most or all of the light. Partially opening them will let more light in and make it possible to see through the window, but not as much as if the window covering was completely opened. Opening and closing the blinds as a unit, on the other hand, provides an effect like opened curtains or shades.

Window Shades

Window shades provide full cover over the window when closed, and when raised, they allow a full view. Most shades open vertically, which makes them unique compared to curtains or drapes. They typically present a sleek, flat surface that goes well with modern decor, but some variations are more rustic.

You’ll find both blinds and shades in materials that can block most, all, or almost none of the sun’s light. Vinyl blinds, especially white ones, allow plenty of diffused light in even when closed. To get a similar effect with shades, look for sheer fabrics. Thicker materials will block more light with both varieties.

If you want to block all or almost all light, look for “blackout” versions of your preferred window treatment. Note that traditional blinds can never block literally all light – they have holes for their strings, and these will allow little dots of light to come through. Blackout shades, on the other hand, provide full darkness. These are great for people who are sick of the dawn awakenings common with east-facing bedroom windows.

No matter what effects you seek, you’ll get them when you choose the right window coverings. Just contact us to learn about all of our offerings and select the perfect ones for your home!

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