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Ask The Colorado Springs Blinds Experts

As the Colorado Springs blinds experts, we come with a wide range of experience on blinds for your home or office in windows of any shape or size. If you have a question to stump the blinds experts, we’ll accept the challenge. But first, here are a few popular questions about blinds which may give you just the answer you need.

What is the best tip for choosing window blinds?

First, determine the function of the room before look at styles and materials. Once you’ve decided what’s important to you for this space (privacy, light, darkness, insulation, color, energy efficiency), you can choose blinds to meet your needs. Once you know the purpose of the room you can move onto the fun part of window treatment designs.

Is there anything trending in window blinds?

Current trends in window blinds include child-safe options such as motorized blinds which allow for easy, functional movement without the worry of cords. Energy-efficient and natural eco-friendly blinds are popular as well as natural wood blinds or faux wood alternatives. Clean lines and natural, simple materials or textures are the most common new designs in homes today.

When would I choose custom window blinds?

Most window blinds are cut to match a standard window size. If you have a uniquely sized window or standard windows with unique window trim, custom blinds are a great choice. This allows you to custom measure your windows so your blinds fit perfectly without large gaps or risk buying windows too small.

You should choose custom blinds if you’re interested in selecting specific colors, styles, or textures to match your furniture or the design of your home. Your blinds will be unique to your space and match your home perfectly.

Can I install my blinds myself?

Yes. In fact, there are many DIY videos online which tell you exactly how to install your window blinds. However, we offer a word of caution – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Chances are you may not install window blinds in your home often. Installing window blinds takes special tools and specific attention to detail. Our Colorado Springs blinds installers are experts at making sure your blinds fit and align just right the first time. Expert blinds installers bring their own tools and install your blinds straight as an arrow in a fraction of the time it takes most new people. The investment is worth it.

Can someone come to my house for a consultation?

Absolutely. All of our employees are Colorado Springs blinds experts and a complimentary consultation is included. This includes free measurement of your windows as well as a free estimate. A consultation is a great way to view window treatments in your home and decide which option works best.

At Made in the Shade we’re proud to offer the best Colorado Springs blinds installers and experts to choose and install the best blinds for your space. Make an appointment or call 719-344-5494 for your free complimentary in-home consultation.

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