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What are the Best Blackout Shades?

Blackout Shade Options Plus How to Get the Best Fit

Blackout shades are popular and for several good reasons. They are perfect in bedrooms of those who are light sleepers or work graveyard shifts. They are also a great solution in nurseries to help babies and children fall asleep at night and during naptime. They are also helpful in home theater rooms, helping to give that dark movie theater experience. Blackout shades with many options and how to get the best fit. 


But did you know that blackout shades also help boost the energy efficiency of the room they are installed in? That serious light blocking power also helps block heat in the warmer months and cold air in the cooler months, helping you with energy bill savings. They also help block noise, making them a good solution for homes on or near busy streets. Blackout shades with many options and how to get the best fit. 


Here is what you should consider when selecting the best blackout shade for your needs.



It’s important to be aware that there is a difference between room darkening and blackout shades. Blackout shades block 99% of light coming into your room. Room darkening shades reduce the amount of light entering your room, making it darker, but not pitch black. So if you are looking for light blocking over room darkening, make sure you are selecting real blackout shades. 


Sizing and Installation

Getting perfect fitting blackout shades is extremely important. The better the fit, the better the light blocking power. It’s important to note that even the best fitting blackout shades will still have some light that seeps through around the edges, which is why they block up to 99% of light, and not 100% of the light entering your room. By minimizing gaps with well-fitted blackout shades, you can keep that light seepage to a minimum. 


There are two ways to install your blackout shades and the option you choose will depend mostly on how deep your window casing is (though style preference can also play into it as well). The window casings in older homes tend to have a shallower depth, making it difficult or even impossible to have an interior mount (when the window treatment is hung inside of the window casing). If this is the case, an exterior mount will be needed (when the window treatment is hung just above the window casing). When opting for an exterior mount, you’ll want to have the sides of the blackout shades extend slightly past the window casing, giving you a bit of overlap on the wall. This will help reduce light seeping around the edges of your window treatment. 


Because fit is so important when installing blackout shades, we recommend choosing custom blackout shades. These window treatments are made to fit your exact window size. An expert will help measure your windows to ensure the best fit and will properly install your new blackout shades. 


Operation Options

Like many other window treatments, blackout shades have a variety of operation options to choose from. They come in corded as well as cordless (which is perfect for homes with pets and small children). For a more luxurious experience, you can choose motorized, which allows you to control your shades with the push of a button or even by voice command. For the ultimate in luxury, you can choose smart shades, which can be programmed to open and close when you want and even learn your habits and adjust its own programming. 



Modern innovations have made it possible for blackout shades to come in many styles and colors. From cellular to roman to roller shades, you have plenty of stylish options to choose from to match any home decor style. While blackout may evoke feelings of dark colors, blackout shades actually come in the full spectrum of colors, from white to black. You can also choose from an endless selection of prints and fabric types to suit your personal tastes.


Let the Experts Help!

As we previously mentioned, getting the perfect fit and installation is very important in order to get the full benefits and impact of blackout shades. The experts at Elevated Views are here to help! We make choosing the perfect window treatment fun and enjoyable. We help guide you through the selection process, then all you have to do is sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. Every Elevated experience begins with a free in-home consultation and quote, allowing us to bring the showroom to you! Book your appointment today. 


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