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Shopping for blinds in Colorado Springs might seem like a simple task at first glance, but there is a wide variety of things to consider. It’s almost like shopping for a new pair of jeans. It’s just a pair of jeans, but there’s just so much variety available. When did it get so complicated?

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for blinds that will make things less complicated.

Consider the Window Size For Your Blinds in Colorado Springs

When shopping for blinds, are you getting blinds for an average size or do you need something wider? In general, it’s better to purchase more than one small set of blinds for wider windows than to get one big heavy set of blinds. For screen doors and larger windows, you should probably get vertical blinds.

Consider How Much Sunlight You Get

If you get too much sunlight through your windows, you should consider buying thermal blinds. They are extra special for reflecting sunlight and keeping the house cooler in hot weather. They also keep your home insulated from the cold wind in the cold weather.

Something else to consider when blocking out sunlight with your blinds is to figure out if it would be more convenient for your blinds to open from the bottom up, from the top down, or a combination of both. This allows sunlight to come in as you would like it to. A bonus with these options is they can give extra privacy.

Consider What Style and Look You Want

Consider the color you want for your blinds. If you want your blinds to stand out, get a loud, bright color. If you want them to blend in with any color scheme, pick a more neutral color.

Also consider the material, its thickness, and the size of the slats. Wooden blinds are the eco-friendly way to go, while fabric and aluminum give you other looks. Aluminum and vinyl tend to be thinner and give off a more generic vibe. The size of the slats will decide the spacing of the horizontal lines coming from the sunlight.

Consider Your Price Range

blinds in colorado springsWhen deciding how much to spend, consider whether or not to get motorized shades, and consider the material your blinds are made of. Remote controlled blinds can last longer, but are more expensive. Consider faux wood blinds; they’re less expensive than wooden blinds. They share the same appeal but without the weakness to moisture.

Consider Other Window Treatments

Blinds are a great option for your window treatments, but there are other options out there. You can also choose between different styles of shades and draperies, curtains, screens, and valances.

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