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Choosing the Best Window Shades for My Style

Plus Great Window Treatment Ideas for Different Home Decor Styles


Choosing the Best Window Shades for My Style. Are your old window treatments just not doing it for you anymore? Did you move into your dream home but the window treatments don’t match your style? Or maybe you are starting with a blank slate. No matter your situation, it can be overwhelming to choose the right window shade or treatment for your style. Let us help! Choosing the Best Window Shades for My Style.


When we think of style, we often think of home decor style, like modern, traditional, coastal or eclectic. But you should also consider how your window treatments are going to fit into your lifestyle. This may be the ability to control privacy or have higher energy savings. So keep these in mind, along with the function of the room, when selecting your new window covering. 


What Is My Style?

Chances are you have a style even if you don’t know what it is. Take a look at your furnishings and home decor. We’ll do a quick breakdown of different styles to help you figure out what style is yours and give you some window covering options to match. 


Traditional, Shabby Chic & French Country

Traditional style draws inspiration from 18th and 19th century England and France and is known for luxurious textiles as well as dark and ornate wood. Shabby chic is a soft and feminine version of traditional style where furniture is often painted with a distressed look and is contrasted with more glamorous accents like crystal chandeliers. French country is a mix of shabby chic, farmhouse and traditional styles. 

  • Roman Shades: with luxurious texture and neutral colors for chic style
  • Drapes: solid color and made from luxurious textiles for a cozy feel
  • Interior Shutters: in white or neutral color and medium or wider louvers for charm and function



Known for its clean lines and sleek surfaces, Modern is a neutral space with a few bold and colorful accents.

  • Roller Shades: in a neutral color for energy savings and clean lines
  • Drapes: in a bold, solid color for an accent
  • Blinds: in a neutral color for clean lines and functionality


Contemporary and Minimalist

Current Contemporary design is sleek and simple. It has a neutral color palette, furniture has exposed legs, metal and glass are common materials, and fabric is full of texture. With Minimalist design, less is more. This style is uncomplicated and clean and patterns are generally absent. Furniture often doubles as hidden storage and while neutral colors are more common, there can be accent colors. Choosing the Best Window Shades for My Style.

  • Horizontal or Vertical Blinds: in a neutral color for clean lines
  • Roller Shades: in a neutral color for a clean look that won’t steal the show
  • Blinds: with thinner louvers in a neutral color for clean lines and functionality



Scandinavian is light and airy with a relaxing and inviting vibe. It’s known for cozy textiles and furniture with clean lines. 

  • Drapes: in a light and airy fabric and neutral color to add a bit of coziness
  • Blinds: in a neutral color for functionality 
  • Roller Shades: in a neutral color for a clean, simple look



The comfortable medium between traditional and contemporary, Transitional is known for clean lines but allows the furniture and textiles to do the talking. 

  • Roman Shades: in a solid, neutral fabric to add texture with classic style
  • Roller Shades: in a neutral color for a clean look


Mid-Century Modern

This iconic style is from the 50s and 60s and has a seamless flow and is known for rich woods and accent colors of mustard yellow, avocado or chartreuse.

  • Wood Blinds: to infuse more warmth and match existing wood decor
  • Roller Shades: for a clean and simple look



This style tends to be more on the masculine side and is known for exposed pipes or beams. Modern furniture is combined with antique touches and plenty of metal. 

  • Mini Blinds: in metal for clean lines and functionality
  • Cellular Shades: in a neutral color to add a touch of softness and tons of energy savings


Eclectic and Bohemian

This isn’t a style where anything goes, but is a carefully curated design style. You’ll often see a neutral color palette and a few select accents that bring a worldly vibe to the space. Bohemian is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions. The atmosphere is laid back with an emphasis on nature, but you’ll also find bold colors and patterns. 

  • Bamboo Shades: to add texture and warmth
  • Drapes: in a neutral, solid color to add a bit of softness
  • Blinds: in a neutral color for clean lines and functionality


Art Deco & Hollywood Glam

Art Deco style can be neutral in color or bold, but what makes it unique is the shape. Here you’ll find pointed edges and jagged corners. Oversized furniture is also common. Hollywood glam is known for bold contrast in colors combined with luxurious textiles. 

  • Drapes: in a luxurious fabric in either a neutral color or a pop of color
  • Interior Shutters: in a neutral color palette for functionality and chic style
  • Roman Shades: with a pop of color to make a statement


Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse, popularized by Joanna Gaines, gives a modern twist to the classic farmhouse style. Think simplified and clean but still full of character. You’ll find a mix of metals used as well. 

  • Interior Shutters: in a neutral color palette for farmhouse appeal
  • Roman Shades: made of textured fabric in a neutral shade for a chic softness



Coastal is an airy style that uses a more neutral color palette with pops of blues (think sandy beaches and ocean waves). It also utilizes natural textures, like linen and jute.

  • Bamboo Shades: for natural texture and warmth
  • Interior Shutters: in neutral color with medium or wide louver widths for charm and functionality
  • Roman Shades: in a neutral tone with a bit of texture (like linen) for chic style


Rustic and Southwest

Southwest style combines Spanish textiles with leather, suede and terracotta. Rustic is known for natural materials combined with farmhouse charm and industrial touches. 

  • Wood Blinds: for more natural materials and functionality
  • Wood Shutters: for more natural materials, functionality and style
  • Roman Shades: in a neutral color to soften homes with lots of stone or wood already in it
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