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Design Tips for When to Use Plantation Shutters

From Rustic to Modern Decor, Interior Shutters Add Function and Style

Design tips for when to use plantation shutters in your home. Plantation shutters, also referred to as interior shutters, instantly elevate any room. This hard window treatment consists of louvered panels great for any home. It is also the only type of window treatment that adds value to your home because they are custom fit to your window frame and are very popular among homebuyers. 

Are Plantation Shutters Right for Me?

Many think of little cottage houses when it comes to shutters. Because there are many options available, plantation shutters are perfect for any home whether you have modern, rustic or traditional decor. Because of the control you have over light filtering, shutters are perfect for protecting your home from damaging UV rays, providing insulation from the heat and cold, as well as adding privacy. The soft light from shutters can make your room appear more spacious, but at the same time, the design can make your room feel cozy. They are easy to clean which also makes them a great choice for people who suffer

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from allergies. Shutters can fit windows both small and big and can be installed on bay windows as well as sliding doors and french doors! If any of these benefits sound great, then plantation shutters may be right for you.

Plantation Shutter Options and Design Tips

Design tips for plantation shutters in your home. The different options for plantation shutters can completely change the look and feel of your room so let’s take a look at what you have to choose from. 

Material and Color: Shutters come in both composite and wood as well as a variety of colors. Going with white wood or composite can be traditional, but also gives you a clean look that offers versatility when adding colors to the rest of your decor. Conversely, most woods and colors, such as maple or cream, will warm up your space or be the perfect touch for a rustic style. Cooler tones like grays offer a modern look, even matching metals in an industrial home, while grey wood is a nice option for those with a rustic country style that want something other than white. 

Mount: Plantation shutters can be mounted inside or outside of the window opening. For both types of mounts there are a few different frame options.

Inside Mount: If you have decorative trim or moulding around your windows, an inside mount allows you to install plantation shutters without damaging the decorative trim. An inside mount is also great for more modern and sleek decor. Inside mounts can be hinge-only or have a small L frame that sits inside the window frame. 

Outside Mount: An outside mount gives a more traditional look to your rooms. No matter which of the 3 outside mounts you choose, they are all perfect for windows without any trim and decor styles range from cottage to rustic cabin. There are 2 types of L-frames (simple and decorative) that are installed around your window frame to add a bit of trim. A Z-frame has a lip that sits inside your window frame as well as trim that goes around the outside of the window. 

Louver Size: The size of the louvers can change the entire look. The wider the slat, the more contemporary it will feel while smaller slats are perfect for cottage vibes. Larger slats offer a wider view of scenery when open. They are also more insulating because there are less louver slats, which means less gaps for light and hot or cold air to escape through. 

Tilt: There are two options when it comes to tilting the louvers, which can affect the style of your room. Tilt bars are more traditional and perfect for cottage style homes or even Victorian and traditional decors. A rear or hidden tilt offers a cleaner look because the tilting mechanism is behind and to the side, making it great for those with modern decor or those who want a clearer view. 

Other Upgrades and Options: There are plenty of other options when it comes to plantation shutters. You can choose hardware color to match existing hardware in your home or choose something that pops against the color of the louvers. Or, if you want a minimalist look, upgrade to hidden hinges. You can also upgrade to include panel locks which are great if you have young children. Adding panel pulls are a functional and decorative upgrade. Want to truly elevate your shutter experience? Upgrade to a motorized plantation shutter and you’ll be able to control shutter louver tilt with the push of a button. Some motorized shutters are programmable to open and close at certain times of the day. 

Pairing with Curtains: Pairing your shutters with curtains or drapes can instantly soften this hard window treatment. For example, luxurious puddles of drapes added to a plantation shutter in your bedroom can offer both privacy and a cozy feel. 


No matter your style, there is an interior shutter for you! If you are ready to install interior shutters in your home, we offer a free in-home consultation and quote! Our design experts will be able to walk you through the entire process and then expertly install your shutters. Schedule your appointment today!

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