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Do cellular shades really save energy in Colorado?

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Do cellular shades really save energy? We Share All


Cellular shades are a popular type of window covering that work very well for filtering or even blocking light, but also are a great insulating shade. The question we often get is if cellular shades really save energy. In Colorado, we’ve seen them work wonders for so many homes that get a lot of direct, intense sunlight. We’ve also seen the same shades help insulate a home in a week of really cold temperatures. For those of us in Colorado, we couldn’t be bigger fans of cellular shades!


The Power of a Window Shade

Windows and doors account for about one third of the thermal loss in a home according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. When inside air from a room comes in contact with the windows, it is either cooled or warmed based on the season. In Colorado, we experience both extremes of temperatures. Due to convection in the air, this air is slowly circulated around the room, making it warmer or colder based on what is happening outside. 


Window shades can act as a barrier, making this interior air temperature swing less dramatic and making it easier to control the interior temperature. While it’s not a perfect fix, it can be a huge asset when there is extreme weather, a window that faces due south or even due north, windows that are drafty, or if you have bad windows. 


How do Cellular Shades Really Save Energy?

Cellular shades work by providing a barrier for outside temperatures before they reach the interior space. The air “cell” that is created by the design of the shade provides two layers of material plus the air pocket for air to adjust temperature to what is happening in the interior. This can be extremely helpful in intense summer months to help keep a room cooler, but it can also be helpful when there are major cold spells outside to help insulate the room and keep it warm. 


Buy the Right Kind of Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can be designed with single cell, double cell, or even triple cell shades. As you increase the amount of air pockets, you increase the insulation levels of the shade at large dramatically. And, when you increase the number of cells, you don’t necessarily change the look of the overall shade much at all. 


Cellular shades may not be right for every space in your home. We actually carry a ton of other great options, but we also know that cellular shades are a really helpful value for the investment when it comes to blinds for your home. They are so versatile and offer so many benefits that increase your comfort of life and also help your energy bills out a little as well!


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