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How To Buy Cellular Shades in Colorado Springs

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How To Buy Cellular Shades in Colorado SpringsHow To Buy Cellular Shades in Colorado Springs: A Comprehensive Guide

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in improving your home by deciding to get new window coverings. As you make your final decision on the type of window covering, you may seriously be considering cellular shades. This window covering option is a really popular choice and as locals, we know you want to work with someone who understands the local climate, style, and trends. We want to help you with all the basics for how to buy cellular shades in Colorado Springs.


Be Confident in Your Window Covering Choice:

Cellular shades are also referred to as cell shades or honeycomb shades, and are honestly one of the most popular window covering options around. People love this window treatment option for its ability for light control, insulation, and clean design. 


Think About Insulation

The nature of the honeycomb design naturally traps air inside, which helps provide a simple barrier against heat AND cold. Buying blinds in Colorado Springs is important because we have such intense sunshine and heat through our windows in the summer, plus we can have low temperatures in the winter. Cellular shades in Colorado Springs can be a great option to help combat both the heat and cold temperature swings!


Action Step:

Consider which direction the room and windows face to decide how much insulation help you may need from your windows. Rooms with direct light for many hours can benefit greatly from cellular shades, whereas other rooms may not need as intentional of insulation.


Consider Color 

Cellular shades are extremely popular because they have a subtle filtering effect that can cast a soft, warm glow in a room. Depending on the color of cellular shades you choose, you can create multiple effects. You can even purchase blackout shades to block light completely. 


Action Step:

Consider if you want a soft glow from your shades and talk to our team about what colors are best for your desired look. Also, think through if you need a blackout effect from your window treatments. What do you do in the room and how much light do you need throughout the day?


Think About Design

Cellular Shades have a sleek, simple look to them. When open, they provide a solid color across a window without openings. When closed, they can showcase the amazing beauty of your window and scenery. Cellular shades in Colorado Springs are a great asset when we often have such amazing views around us! Many people choose these as a window treatment option for their functionality and simple design. 


Action Step:

Consider what the shades will look like when fully open and fully closed. Does your window or interior design encourage a more simple design? Will you need curtains to help frame the window and work alongside some cellular shades? 



Buying cellular shades in Colorado Springs can be a great asset simply to help give you a little bit of privacy, but with the ability to choose when you want to look fully through your windows. More and more of our customers are using cellular shades in spaces where they want ambient light coming in, but also want a little privacy from their neighbors. 

Action Step:

Consider how much privacy you need in your particular space. Do you have neighbors who can see in regularly? Do you have foot traffic nearby? 


If you’re considering cellular shades in Colorado Springs, you’re in good company! While these versatile window coverings work extremely well in our local area, we hope you think through a few of these considerations so that you make the very best choice in placement, color, design, and style. And, don’t forget, we’re always here to help you make those final decisions! We’re here to help you buy cellular shades and proud to serve our Colorado Springs community!


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