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How to cover hard to reach windows: Your options in Colorado Springs

How to cover hard to reach windowsWhether you have vaulted ceilings, dormered roofs, or just awkwardly designed spaces, you probably have lived in a space with at least one hard to reach window. Most homes have a few of these pesky windows that are hard to reach and they can be a major pain when it comes to getting blinds and window coverings. 


The Dilemma:

  1. They’re simply hard to get at, making it hard physically to clean, measure, and install blinds.
  2. They’re hard to adjust, making it difficult to find a window covering that will work for your lifestyle AND allow you to adjust the light coming in.
  3. It’s hard to know what to do. Many homeowners feel paralyzed by what to do with these windows.


So, how can you cover hard to reach windows? 

  1. Get inspired. Go search on Pinterest and look through magazines to see what others have done with their window coverings. You might find a great idea.
  2. Talk to neighbors. If you have similar floor plans to your neighbors, talk to a few people and find out what they have done. If you have a chance to look through some model homes, go see how the interior designers of those homes have dressed up these windows.
  3. Consider the direction. We always encourage people to consider which direction the window faces. If your window faces South or West and gets a lot of intense sun on a daily basis, you might want a permanent shade in place to help you get filtered light in the space, but also help keep your home from baking to high temperatures.
  4. Decide if you need control. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is to figure out if you need to open and close these blinds on a regular basis. If you think you’ll need to adjust them, consider getting a remote control design to open or close the blinds and be able to adjust the angle for light.
  5. Consider the size. If you have a wall of large, custom-sized windows, you probably will want to look for something streamlined for window coverings, rather than draw attention to the large wall of windows. This is especially true if you have a killer view outside. 
  6. Go for quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to blinds, so get quality for these hard to reach windows. The last thing you want is for your blinds to break and you have to figure out how to get up to fix them.

Ultimately, when it comes to these hard to reach windows, the best advice we can give is to talk to an expert. Talk to someone who has seen it all and has installed windows in more scenarios than you could ever imagine. They’ll be able to tell you in an instant what they recommend for your windows. The choice is yours, but the experts can help you evaluate your options and help you make the wisest decision possible. 


Want someone to help you look at your hard to reach windows? You have options here in Colorado Springs, and we’re here to help! Set up a free consultation in your own home for our team to help you get that hard to reach window looking fabulous!

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