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How to Cover windows to Keep Cold Out

How to Cover windows to Keep Cold Out
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How to Cover windows to Keep Cold Out: Best Window Coverings Guide

Feeling the winter winds yet? We hope you’re not feeling them INSIDE your home. But, if you are feeling like the winter temps are affecting the interior climate of your home too much, you might need to consider how to cover windows to keep cold out and more warm air in. And, there are a ton of great ways you can do that with window coverings!

Best ways to cover windows to keep cold out and warm in:

  1. Cellular Shades:  By far, our favorite window covering for keeping your home warm in the winter are cellular shades. By design, they have a honeycomb shape to them, which helps trap the air and provide a buffer from any colder temperature swings from drastically affecting your interior temperature. These are arguably the best option if you want a shade or blinds effect to your windows. They’re great because they have a sleek, simple design, which can be customized based on color and amount of room darkening you’d like. Bonus: they help in reverse in the summer heat, helping keep the hot air out of your room!
  2. Curtains: Curtains are a classic option for people who want to cover windows to keep cold air out and the warm air in. You can vary the levels of thickness on curtains, or even include some sheer curtains to get lighting effects and ambient light. Depending on the space, curtains can be a huge asset to the design. While not a perfect option in every space, curtains can be a great window covering choice if you’re main concern is heat management. 
  3. Shutters: Often, people think of shutters, or plantation shutters as a nice decorative piece, but they actually work really well for regulating heat too. Because they are made to be a custom fit, there aren’t a ton of air gaps between the window and the shutter, allowing cold air to get trapped on the one side. Then, they provide a beautiful look, and also the option to open them if you want to allow more light in on the warmer days. 
  4. Layers: If you need both lighting control AND a solution to keep heat in, you might consider layering your window coverings and blinds. What we mean is having two different solutions like wood blinds with a curtain, for example. This allows you to adjust the angle of light coming in the room during the day, but seal out any cold temperatures overnight with a curtain. 


Windows are a huge source of heat and energy loss in a home. If you can’t afford new windows, or even if you have newer windows and just want to improve your situation, window treatments can help you save on energy costs and create a more desirable space in your home. The cold temperatures in winter don’t have to cause huge spikes in your heating bill like they used to. Window coverings can help provide you a functioning solution that also improves the value of your home too!

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