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How to measure windows for curtains and blinds

How to measure windows for curtains and blinds
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Whenever you are considering new window coverings, you’re probably going to have to pull out the tape measure. No, you don’t have to get exact (that’s what we’re here for), but odds are, you’ll need to have an idea of what sizes you’re working with. Most homeowners like to do simple measurements so that they can research and dream about their options. 

At Elevated Views, we have experienced crews come out to measure your windows with precision so that when you order, you get the exact right window coverings. But, if you’re itching to get started, or want to start dreaming about your options, you’re probably asking yourself how to measure your windows for curtains and blinds. 

Here are a few basics on how to measure windows for curtains and blinds:

  1. Inside or Outside Mounts: Window treatments can be installed inside the window casing or outside of the window casing, but many homeowners don’t think about this at first. It’s an important thing to measure your sizes inside the casing and also from the outside trim. 
  2. Think about the depth: Windows have varying levels of wall depth, and differing placements within that depth. It’s always a good idea to look at and measure how deep your window sits within the window frame casing. 
  3. Measure at multiple spots. When you measure windows for curtains, blinds, and other window treatments, you will want to measure at a few spots along the window. When windows are installed, they often require shims and trim pieces may hide inconsistencies in measurements. This makes it important to check your window measurements from multiple spots.
  4. Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch. Rough measurements to the nearest half or full inch can be helpful for overall size as you determine which window treatment is best for you, the more exact you can get, the better.

Which Mount To Choose:  

Inside Mounts:

Blinds mounted on the inside of a window frame are a very popular choice simply because they provide a cleaner look. Visually, your eye will notice the window’s frame first and when you want blinds to be a secondary visual or seem to disappear, mounting them inside allows you to do this. Inside mounts are also helpful when you have other window treatments like curtains or valances that are there to dress up the room. In these situations, often blinds provide a very functional role, and allow other aspects to play the visual role. 


Outside Mounts:

Outside mounts are desirable when you want the window to appear bigger or more grand than it actually is. Some rooms have irregular spacing and inconsistent window sizes and you can “cheat” the eye with consistent sized blinds that are mounted on the outside of the frames.

Remember, that whatever window covering or blinds you choose, our team will come out and measure your windows precisely so that what you order is the right fit. If you want to measure your windows yourself, it helps as we talk through your project and it can also help you dream about your options before you talk to us. Our goal is to help you make the best choice in blinds and window coverings, from measurement to mounting!

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