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Should You DIY Your Blinds or Get the Pros?

A Look at the Pros and Cons of Doing the Work Yourself vs. Calling in the Pros, should you DIY  your blinds or get the pros?. Hanging blinds and other window treatments can be simple or challenging depending on the type of treatment you choose, how they are hung and the type of window involved. For example, putting blinds on a bay window can be challenging due to the angular nature of the windows. We’ll look at the pros and cons for DIYing your blinds as well as for hiring professionals. A look at a few basic pros and cons of each and then dive in a little deeper on the different aspects of installing window treatments. 

DIYing It
  • Pros: can save you money, can be fun
  • Cons: can be difficult when it comes to specialty products and windows
Having the Professionals Do It
  • Pros: saves you the headache, best if doing multiple rooms, satisfaction of knowing the window treatments are installed properly, already has all the tools to do the job
  • Cons: costs more, can’t be done in a very quick turnaround time
Number of Windows

If you are only covering a couple of windows, save yourself a few dollars and DIY it. However, if you are wanting to cover two or more rooms, save yourself the headache and hire the pros. Elevated Views can save you time and the headache of installing many window treatments and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing every treatment is hung perfectly. 


If you are in a hurry to get your blinds or window treatment installed, like needing it done over the weekend, then it will be faster to DIY it. If you aren’t in a huge rush, call in the pros. You’ll get to make your appointments on your schedule. And with our handy online scheduling tool, you can quickly and easily schedule your free in-home consultation!


If you don’t mind doing your own measuring and are just getting a simple length, width and depth, it will be easy to DIY your window treatments. However, if your measurements are more complicated, such as with bay windows or other custom shaped windows, having the pros do it will save you the hassle and the headache. The pros can also make sure that you get the perfect fit no matter the window!


It can be fun to sift through all the options on your own, but it can also become overwhelming if you don’t know what type of treatment you want. If you do know exactly what you want, research is easy to do on your own. However, if you are unsure of what window treatment would be the best for you, our design experts can help you narrow down the number of options, making choosing your next window treatment a breeze.

Specialty Products

When dealing with specialty products, it’s best to call in the pros, unless you are very handy. Also, home improvement stores may not have the same availability of special products as a store that only does window treatments, such as Elevated Views. Also, specialized treatments such as motorized blinds and shades aren’t as simple to install as manual ones. You can save yourself the frustration by letting the pros do it. Our expert installers can get your specialty window treatments installed correctly the first time every time. It’s definitely less of a headache than putting multiple holes in your wall trying to figure it out only to have to spackle and paint over your mistakes later. 


If you are doing a simple treatment and know exactly what you want, ordering can be relatively simple depending on where you get your treatments from. For example, a home improvement store is a great place to go if you are DIYing a simple treatment. However, if you need a speciality product or just don’t want the hassle or anxiety of getting it wrong, we recommend calling in the pros. Our design experts can ensure that the perfect treatment is ordered for your home.


Simple treatments like manual blinds can be easy to install. But if you aren’t very handy or have a specialized treatment or odd window shape or size, having the pros do the installation takes the weight off of your shoulders. Not only that, but the pros have all the tools to get the job done, so you don’t need to worry about buying tools that you may not use often in the future, saving you money. Plus, the pros will expertly install your new window treatments, giving you the satisfaction that they are hung properly and safely. 


So if you have made the choice, should You DIY Your Blinds or Get the Pros? If you are ready to upgrade your window treatments and want to call in the pros at Elevated Views, we are happy to help! Call us today at (719) 344-5494 or use our online tool to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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