Colorado Springs Window Coverings Showroom


Welcome to our NEW beautiful, Window Coverings Showroom, located centrally at 5925 N Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs right near Luisa Graff Jewelers! We’re excited to be able to have you come see us at our new location! We have an extensive selection of Window Coverings including Blinds, Shades and Shutters for you to see the highest quality products up close.

Our Showroom is an intimate setting where you will get hands on advice from a local window coverings expert.  We have a small staff with huge amounts of experience and passion for turning an ordinary space into a spectacular one with the right window coverings.

Schedule a Free Consultation and then use our blog and website to learn more about the kind of styles and window treatments that might work for you.  Once in our showroom, we will be happy to help you sort out the options and find the perfect treatments.


Blinds come in many forms and offer both a timeless, classic look as well as easy-to-adjust settings. They typically look best on narrow windows in bedrooms, kitchens and workrooms. When it comes to blinds, you have several options:


Shutters can increase the value of your home because they become a permanent feature. Their crisp, clean lines add timeless character and they enhance the home’s beauty while being functional. They allow you to control how much breeze enters without the hassle of a moving blind that can whistle and be blown with the breeze. They’re also durable and easy to maintain with a simple damp cloth. At the same time, shutters allow better privacy and light control.


Shades work well on narrow windows in just about any room. They can provide the same soft quality as a curtain while offering the concise and controlled appearance of window blinds.


If you need directions to our Elevated Views Blinds Showroom, please head to our Contact Page! We’re looking forward to meeting you!


We’re centrally located at:

5925 N Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80918