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The Best Eco-Friendly Window Coverings

An Environmentally Friendly Window Treatment that Adds Long-Term Value

The Best Eco-Friendly Window Coverings. For many of today’s homeowners, choosing to purchase environmentally friendly products is important. From compostable K-cups to bed linens made from sustainably sourced cotton, function and style can also be important. So what about window treatments? Is there an eco-friendly option that is also functional and stylish? There is! 


Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Window Treatment

When the environment, function and style are prioritized, there is one window treatment that we absolutely love, and that is Graber’s new Eco-Performance Solar Shades! These solar shades are made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for families and better for the environment. 


Eco-Friendly Fabrics

The Best Eco-Friendly Window Coverings. If the materials your products are made from are a top concern for you, you’ll love these window treatments too! Graber’s Eco-Performance Solar Shades are made from recycled or recyclable materials. They also contain some other green attributes that make them healthier for your home, giving long-term value to you and the environment! 


Made with a Healthier Home in Mind

The Healthy Home shades are designed with your family’s health in mind. The fabric is engineered to resist microbes and fungi. The fabric is Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) emission levels and is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, passing rigorous testing for thousands of different chemicals. So not only are these shades better for the environment, but they are healthier for you and your loved ones! 


Why Solar Shades are Great for the Environment

Not only are these particular shades made from eco-friendly materials, but solar shades can help you cut down on your energy consumption by passively cooling your home. Their light blocking power effectively bounces heat back out, keeping your home cooler so your AC doesn’t have to work so hard. This adds long-term value to your home by saving you money on your energy bills. 


UV Protection and Fabric Openness

Solar shades are specially designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun. There are several options for fabric openness (how tightly the fabric is woven) that allow you to customize how much light filtering and UV blocking power you want. 

  • 10% Openness: This is the loosest weave and allows you to maximize your view, letting in some sunlight while still blocking glare.
  • 5% Openness: This weave blocks 95% of harmful UV rays and reduces screen glare.
  • 3% Openness: Protects home decor at risk from damaging UV rays.
  • 1% Openness: The tightest weave that offers the greatest light filtering and is the most effective at blocking UV rays.  


Still Stylish and Still Functional

This new eco-friendly window treatment collection from Graber is also stylish and functional. You can still expect the same high quality that you have come to know and love from this brand. There are over 40 on-trend fabrics to choose from to help you update the look of your home while matching your existing style. These functional window treatments offer a variety of control options including continuous loop (traditional corded), smart pull (with an easy glide lift system), cordless (a great option for homes with children and pets), and even motorized (for convenience and hard-to-reach windows)! You can also customize with other finishing touches such as blackout channels and different options for the hem bar and valance. 


Elevate Your View Today!

The Best Eco-Friendly Window Coverings. At Elevated Views, we know that the right window coverings can literally change your entire point of view. If you are ready to switch to an eco-friendly window treatment, we can help you choose the right options for your style, needs and budget. We make the process simple and fun, including bringing the showroom to you! Schedule your free consultation and quote today. 

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