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What Are Roller Shades and Are They Right For You?

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What Are Roller Shades and Are They Right For You?

What are roller shades? Could they be right for you and your home? Roller shades are an extremely popular option for window coverings and we see them work in so many different applications. They’ve come a long way from the fragile vinyl shades you might be thinking of. Roller shades can provide a beautiful and functional option for many spaces.

What Are Roller Shades and Are They Right For You?
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What are roller shades?


Roller shades are a window covering designed with a hollow tube and fabric that rolls around. When you pull down the shade, a ratchet in the tube locks the shade in place. Inside the tube is a spring where you can adjust the tension. When you pull down, you can release it and the shade rolls up at the top.


Are Roller Shades Right For You?  A look at the benefits:


  1. Roller Shades are simple. The concept is pretty simple; you pull down and tug to lock in place, and can slightly tug to have it roll back up. They don’t require a lot of moving parts that can get tangled and therefore are fairly simple to use for most people.
  2. Streamlined look: The shade concept is nice because it’s one solid material across the window, providing a nice, clean look for spaces that want those clean lines.
  3. Multiple looks: Shades can be made of multiple materials, colors, and patterns, making them a great option for so many different room designs. You can literally match them to any style of room and make them work. 
  4. Multiple Styles: Roller shades can be made for blackout style to block light or more translucent to allow ambient light and views. You can make roller shades work for so many different situations depending on your lighting needs.
  5. Safety: Roller shades don’t require a pull chain to operate, making them a safer option than other blinds or shades with a pull string. If you have younger children, this can be a huge asset to prevent dangerous accidents.

Are Roller Shades perfect?


Sadly, no window covering is always perfect, and roller shades aren’t always ideal for every window. If you want to control light coming in throughout the day, roller shades are not necessarily ideal because they are either up or down. You can’t turn the slats like you can on shutters or blinds. Roller shades are also a little harder to fix if you tug too hard or something comes undone. They can be fixed and actually are very durable, but will require taking the shade off in order to adjust the ratchet and springs in the assembly. 


Roller shades are a great option for people who want something that looks great and works well. You have infinite options when it comes to shades and we’re excited to share those with our customers each day. If you think roller shades might be right for your space, talk to one of our specialists today to find out more info and get a free in-home consultation!


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