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Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom. When it comes to your bedroom, function is extremely important in a window covering. You want to let light in during the day, but have privacy at night or when you are sleeping. However we know you don’t want to skimp on style! Here are 4 dreamy bedroom window treatments that give you both function and style. Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom


Interior Shutters

This classic window treatment is the only one that adds value to your home plus loads of curb appeal. The louvered design gives you full light filtering and privacy control. There are many customization options, including trim and hardware, making this window treatment great for every home decor style, from modern to traditional. 


Interior shutters are available in faux wood and real wood, allowing you to choose from a wide color palette. You can match to existing woods in your home or choose white for a clean and neutral backdrop. Layer with custom drapes for a truly luxurious experience that adds softness to this hard window treatment. 



Like shutters, you get full light filtering and privacy control thanks to the louvered design. Blinds are also a great option for any home decor style, allowing you to choose from options such as material, color and slat width. 


For modern homes, opt for a thinner slat while more traditional styles should choose a wider slat. Blinds come in metal, faux wood and real wood, allowing you to add just the texture and color to your home. Select cordless for a clean look or to eliminate the choking hazard they post to small children and pets. For a softer look, layer with custom drapes. 


Roman Shades

Roman shades are another classic window covering but can also work for any home decor style. This fabric shade offers privacy when closed and you can add additional light filtering or privacy by adding a lining, including blackout material. 


There are 4 different types of folds to choose from that vary how structured or loose the folds of fabric are when open. More modern or transitional home styles should opt for more structured folds while traditional styles should choose looser folds with more drape and texture. Because these are fabric shades, you have endless options for material, texture, color and patterns here. 


Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, these pocketed fabric shades aren’t the cellular shades you saw in your grandmother’s house as a kid. Cellular shades have gotten a modern makeover and come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Like roman shades, you can opt for a lining on the back, including blackout or solar.


What makes cellular shades so popular is that they are great for those who want to save a little on their energy bill. The pocketed design traps hot or cold air seeping in through your windows, keeping your home at a more even temperature year-round. In fact, these are the most energy efficient window coverings you choose! You can select from single, double or triple layers of cells–the more layers the more energy efficient your window treatment will be. We recommend choosing cordless to eliminate the choking hazard they post to small children and pets. 


Elevate Your View

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom.We believe that the right window coverings can literally change your entire point of view! We also understand how important it is to select the right window treatment for your style and budget! Every elevated experience begins with a free in-home consultation and quote. Book your appointment today and let your experts assist you through the entire process, from selection to installation! 

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