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Vertical blinds are a great window treatment option for sliding glass doors or large windows in any room of your home. The available range of styles—from moderately priced vinyl to decorative fabrics—makes it easy to find ones that compliment your home and your budget.

What vertical blinds look like Elevated Views | Vertical Blinds

The vertical style of this window treatment can help add a sense of height to the room they are installed in, opening up otherwise seemingly small rooms. Their variety of colors and materials offer endless possibilities for matching them to the rest of your decor, no matter the style.

Benefits of vertical blinds

One of the biggest benefits of vertical blinds is that dust can’t settle on them, making them virtually dust free. This can make them a perfect fit for homes where allergies are an issue or any home that prefers to be dust free with a minimal amount of effort. Another benefit is how tightly they can stack when opened up, much tighter than draperies, allowing you to take full advantage of the entire window when you want to open it up.

Light and privacy control levels

Vertical blinds provide an excellent level of light control for your home. The ability to easily tilt them, as well as open and close them, gives you a fully customizable lighting experience that can be easily and quickly adjusted throughout the day. No messy, uneven blinds caused by pulling one side of a pull cord a bit more than the other, no fighting to get the blinds the exact amount of open or closed that you want them.

Vertical blinds come in a variety of materials including vinyl, fabric, wood, and woven wood material. Give Elevated Views a call today for an in-home estimate to find out which option is right for you.