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A Buyer’s Guide to Window Coverings 2017

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Finding the right window coverings

At Elevated Views, we want to help you land the right window coverings. So, below are some suggestions when it comes to picking the right blinds, shades or shutters. We’ve also compiled a list of tips on picking out the right style that perfectly fits the dimensions and mood of your home.


Blinds come in many forms and offer both a timeless, classic look as well as easy-to-adjust settings. They typically look best on narrow windows in bedrooms, kitchens and workrooms. When it comes to blinds, you have several options:

  • Aluminum blinds are one of the most versatile blinds with their clean look, high durability and the ability to control the amount of light entering a room.
  • Faux wood blinds provide a luxurious look at a more affordable price and are perfect for high-humidity environments because they are known not to crack, chip or peel over time.
  • Vertical blinds are great for sliding patio doors and wide, expansive windows as they control the light and view of a room.
  • Wood blinds have several advantages, including durability, low maintenance and better control over light, while adding a touch of elegance and class to your home.


Shades work well on narrow windows in just about any room. They can provide the same soft quality as a curtain while offering the concise and controlled appearance of window blinds. Some options include:

  • Roman shades come in a timeless style and are available in a variety of fabric that adds a softness or boldness to your room.
  • Solar shades not only offer a modern look to your home but they also have special materials that block sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
  • Roller shades are ideal for homeowners who are looking to replace old window treatments or put the finishing touches on their new homes as they are energy-efficient and offer security and privacy from unwanted sun glare.
  • Pleated shades have a unique contemporary style and create a warmth in the room without permitting the blazing sunlight in. They are also affordable and fashionable.
  • Cellular shades feature layers of air pockets in the shape of honeycombs that keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.  This innovative feature has been proven to help with energy efficiency.
  • Woven woods (natural shades) are an eco-friendly option that provide a casual, natural look.


Shutters can increase the value of your home because they become a permanent feature. Their crisp, clean lines add timeless character and they enhance the home’s beauty while being functional. They allow you to control how much breeze enters without the hassle of a moving blind that can whistle and be blown with the breeze. They’re also durable and easy to maintain with a simple damp cloth. At the same time, shutters allow better privacy and light control. 

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Tips on How to Find Your Window Treatment Styles

The feel of your home starts with the first impression, as soon as you walk in. So don’t overlook your window dressings, as they’re integral in the experience of the people who live in and visit your home. There’s a lot to consider when treating your windows, but there are a few styles that never fade.

  • Always let the light in. Bring nature indoors by using simple panels of sheer fabrics, which, in turn, adds warmth to your living room or bedroom. Don’t just consider fabrics in white or cream. Try out linen blends with more contemporary patterns.
  • Think about the vibe you want. Do you want a cozy feel? Or are you looking for a spacious, open living area?
  • Complement your settings. Hang up a portrait between window curtains. Sometimes space is good, but sometimes mixing a little art to, literally, “fill in the gap” doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Coordinate. One example of this is matching your lavender curtains with a lampshade of the same color. Find a color theme between your window dressings and your furniture.
  • Mix and match. Though having a consistent color is ideal, mixing and matching your furniture and window treatments gives your space a more modern appeal.
  • Blue is the new “red,” says one window treatment designer. White has been paired with black or navy, but consider blue when picking out a color. A variety of ocean hues in teal, aquamarine and soft green can give your room a soothing tone.
  • Think about what shades, blinds and shutters can do for your home. They can easily turn your window into a stunning focal point.

At Elevated Views, we specialize in crafting the perfect combination of styles and types of window coverings to help build the home of your dreams.

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