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Are Faux Wood Blinds Energy Efficient? A Look At This Great Window Covering Option

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Are Faux Wood Blinds Energy Efficient? A Look Faux wood blinds are one of our favorite options for window coverings! They are a versatile option that brings a lot of class to any space. Many of our customers are looking at energy efficiency when they are selecting window coverings, so if you’re considering faux wood blinds for your home, we’re going to unpack this a little bit. 


In any home, the direction the house sits in relation to the sun is vital to how well the window coverings and blind

Are faux wood blinds energy efficient? A look at this great window covering option.

s will perform. Rooms on the south or west sides of a home are typically where we see the most heat gain into a space and the spaces where we are concerned the most about direct light glare. The east side of a home can get some major glare as the sun is rising each day, but morning temperatures in Colorado aren’t often as high yet, making heat gain less of the issue compared to light. The north sides of homes don’t get direct light, but are just as much of a concern for heat loss in colder months, especially if your windows aren’t completely tight. The position of your home matters a lot and that’s why the window blinds in various rooms might vary slightly based on your goals in those rooms.


Window coverings are never really a true solution for energy efficiency. They won’t do the whole job, BUT they CAN help in some spaces. Any set of blinds is providing a barrier between the outside temperature transferring through the window and the interior space. Some blinds perform better than others for energy efficiency. 


Are faux wood blinds energy efficient?

If you’re looking for a set of blinds based solely on energy efficiency, you’re probably going to want to consider a few other options, but faux wood blinds can still be a great asset. The slats are often a thicker material compared to cheaper aluminum blinds or even shades, which means the outside temperature has more material to go through before reaching you inside, making extreme hot and cold more diffused compared to other blinds. Faux wood blinds are also great to use when you have decorative curtains that flank the edges of the windows, as the blinds will help block the majority of the window face and any curtains will help block energy losses on the edges of the windows. 

If you are looking for a window covering based solely on energy efficiency, we might suggest you consider cellular shades as these are the best way to block air from outside to inside. What faux wood blinds have over cellular shades are the ability to adjust and allow light through which can help warm a space up with direct light when desired. The ability to open up also allows you to choose when you want to close the blinds for energy efficiency or privacy, but also be able to enjoy beautiful Colorado views.

No window covering option is going to be perfect in every way. While there are some options that are more energy efficient than faux wood blinds, this classy option is still a great option to help protect your home from the outside temperature swings. For homes in Colorado, they are a great option to help us adjust season to season while still enjoying our beautiful state’s views!


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