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Are Faux Wood Blinds Good? Here’s Our Ultimate Guide:

Are faux wood blinds good

Are faux wood blinds good to use in a Colorado Home?

There aren’t many things in life that are actually better as faux. Typically, when we think of “faux” we think of something being less-than, or cheaper quality, or a second rate substitute. However, when it comes to faux wood blinds, we’re actually big fans, especially in Colorado. Why would we love faux wood blinds so much here in Colorado Springs?  We’ll share exactly why!

  1. Climate-Friendly. Are faux wood blinds good here in Colorado? Absolutely and the climate dictates a ton of that! With so many temperature swings from evening to peak daytime, faux wood blinds are able to adjust and adapt more easily than real wood blinds do. Also, if you live here, you know that it can get fairly dry. The faux wood composites are able to tolerate the drier conditions compared to real wood, which would normally dry out, split, and crack very easily. 
  2. Durability.  Because faux wood blinds are more versatile to our climate here in Colorado Springs, they make a great durable option. They will stand up to the harsh direct sunlight, swings in temperatures outside, and the sheer amount of use they may get in a given day. For busy families, choosing blinds that will last is crucial and these are a great option!
  3. Cost-Friendly. This real-wood alternative, is a great choice for the household that wants the overall look of wood blinds, but not the cost. Anything made of real wood is going to be extremely costly, making it near impossible for most households to afford the look. However, faux wood blinds make a great budget-saving alternative that has the same overall look. 
  4. Privacy. Blinds are a great window covering option for houses in Colorado Springs who want to let light in, but be able to control what angle the light enters the room. You might want the light to point to the floor at one point in the day, and then be wide open at another. You have a lot of control over the amount of light you allow into the room with faux wood blinds, making it a great solution for our sunny climate here!
  5. Simple design. Blinds are one of the most popular window covering choices for homes simply because they are so versatile. Other curtains or decorative valences can be done in addition to the blinds if someone chooses to, but they can also function as is. They also provide great function, with a no-fuss design element in a room. For homeowners looking to add value to their home, faux wood blinds are a great way to do so for multiple design styles!

Are wood blinds the right look for you? Our design team can help you walk through your options to understand if the look is right for your space. But, if you’re considering faux wood blinds for your space, we know you really can’t go wrong. They are one of the most versatile options on the market, and work great for so many of our Colorado Springs window covering customers!


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