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How to Keep Your Home Cooler in the Summer Heat

If you don’t have money to replace your current windows with the latest energy-efficient ones or you just want to give your air conditioner a break, there is an easy and cost effective way to keep your home cooler during the summer heat. All you need is a window treatment that is designed to keep out the sun. By reducing or eliminating natural light, these window treatments help keep your home cooler and lower your energy bill. Thats where Cellular Shades in Colorado Springs could come in.

And let’s face it, Colorado is known for having 300 days of sunshine a year so summers get hot with all that sunlight streaming in your windows. Perhaps you have already thought about buying cellular shades in Colorado Springs to cut back on the heat from the sun. Whether you have already thought about buying window treatments or you are just learning about this energy-efficient way to keep your home cool, we’ve compiled our list of favorite ways to keep your home cooler during the summer.


Another idea could be shades are generally made of fabric, like cellular (sometimes called honeycomb) and roman shades. These shades offer varying degrees of light filtering, depending on the type of fabric you go with. Cellular shades are particularly effective in trapping the air in its individual honeycomb cells. For roman shades, having a white, reflective side facing the window will help keep out additional heat. For any type of shade, you want to ensure that the shade is installed as close to the window as possible and that the sides of the shade are as close to the wall as possible. This will create a sealed air space between your window and the inside of your home, trapping all that hot air. 


A good idea could be shutters are an elegant, long-lasting window treatment that offers both great curb appeal and decent light and heat blocking. Shutters come in wood and vinyl. If you go with a white or light colored wood, the shutters will serve to reflect hot sunlight back out when closed. Choose wider slats as this will help cut back on even more light coming in.


Like shutters, blinds can also help keep out sunlight and heat. To get the most heat reduction, go with blinds that have a highly reflective surface when lowered to bounce the sunlight back out of your home. Also, the wider the slats, the more your blinds will help cut back on any light entering your home. 


There are a few options to choose from when using curtains to cut back on summer heat. Lined drapes with a white fabric or plastic backing can help reduce heat gain. Room darkening and blackout curtains are also a great option as they significantly reduce the amount of hot sunlight coming into your home. Pair up these energy-efficient curtains with blinds, shades or shutters and you can not only create a tasteful look to your rooms, but it also helps to increase your ability to reduce heat from sunlight in your home. 

Patio Shades

We’ve looked at all the indoor options to keeping your home cool during the summer, but there is also a great outside option. We often have windows or sliding glass doors that overlook our patios. Increase your light blocking by installing patio shades. This not only keeps your patio cooler for you to enjoy it during the summer, but it also cuts back on hot sunlight coming into your windows and doors overlooking your patio. 

A Few Other Ideas to Boost Your New, Cooling Window Treatments

To boost the cooling power of your new window treatments, here are a few other ideas to keep cool this summer:

  • Seasonally switch out your bedding to sheets and blankets that are cooler and breathes easier
  • Set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise during the warmer months
  • Run your bathroom or kitchen fan to pull hot air out 
  • Close off unused rooms
  • Switch out your incandescent lights to CFLs or LEDs and don’t forget to turn off lights when you don’t need them

To get the most energy-efficient option for cooling window treatments in your home that match your style and tastes and to ensure that they are installed properly to maximize the amount of heat reduction they offer, call in the pros! Elevated Views is here to help you from measuring to installation, we can help you keep your home cool this summer.


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