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Custom Cellular Window Shades: The Basics

Custom Cellular Window Shades: The Basics:Selecting the Right Cellular Shades for Your Needs


Custom Cellular Window Shades: The Basics. Cellular window shades are a popular choice and for good reason! Also known as honeycomb shades for the pocketed design, this shade is the most energy efficient option you can choose for your windows. The pockets of fabric trap hot and cold air seeping in from your windows, helping your home maintain a more even temperature (this is known as passive temperature control). This keeps your heater or AC unit from having to work as hard, giving you savings on your energy bill! Custom Cellular Window Shades: The Basics.


Why Custom Cellular Shades are Better

Custom window treatments are made to fit your exact window size. A good fit is extremely important for energy saving window treatments. When your cellular shades aren’t custom, it can lead to gaps between your window frame and the shade, causing leaks. Custom cellular shades create a tighter barrier between the outside elements and your home’s interior, giving you better energy savings and a more comfortable temperature in your home year round.


Custom cellular shades provide more options as well, giving you the opportunity to match your home’s existing style. If you choose blackout cellular shades, minimizing gaps between the window frame and window treatment can help reduce light leaks. 


Number of Cells/Pockets

Cellular shades come in single, double and triple layer cell or pocket options. The more layers of cells you have, the more hot or cold air your window treatment can trap. Single layer cellular shades do provide a noticeable difference in savings on your energy bills, but triple provides even more. 


The number of cell layers you choose will depend on how much passive temperature control you need, your budget and the depth of your windows. Thinner window frames may only be able to fit single or double layer cellular shades. 


Colors and Fabric

Cellular shades come in a variety of colors, fabrics and textures, allowing you to match your existing home decor. Lighter fabrics and colors will lend an airy, warm glow to your rooms while darker colored shades, or those with double or triple layers, can block more light. 



You can add a couple of different linings to your cellular shades. The first is a plain white lining. This may be needed for those who live in Home Owner Association (HOA) neighborhoods where the outside facing part of your window treatment is required to be white. This allows you to choose any color for your interior facing fabric while still meeting HOA requirements. Another type of lining is solar, which bounces the sun’s hot UV rays back outside. This can provide additional passive temperature control. The final type of lining is blackout or room darkening. Blackout blocks 99% of light while room darkening blocks less than 99% of light. These linings are a good option for media rooms, rooms with south facing windows, and bedrooms where you need more light control. 



  • Corded cellular shades use a continuous loop of cord to raise and lower your shades
  • Cordless: utilizes a hidden control system, eliminating cords that can be a choking hazard for children and pets; also provides a cleaner look
  • Motorized: allows you to raise and lower your shades by remote control or voice command; is a great option for hard to reach windows
  • Top Down/Bottom Up: allows you to raise your shades from the bottom or lower them from the top; comes as both corded and cordless


Elevate Your View Today!

Custom Cellular Window Shades: The Basics. We know that the right window treatment can literally elevate your views! Are you ready to start saving money on your energy bills while adding classic style to your home? Elevated Views’ design experts can help you choose the right cellular shade for your style and needs while our installation experts ensure a good fit the first time. Schedule a free in-home consultation and quote and we’ll bring the design room to you! 


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