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Energy Efficient Window Coverings

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The Best Energy Efficient Window Coverings to Tame the Electric Bill.

Energy Efficient Window CoveringsIt’s starting to get pretty darn cold here in Colorado Springs. Just this morning, after a fresh fallen snow, I walked past the large Cellular Shades covering our sliding glass door and was amazed at how warm it was just inside of the shades. The other windows, covered with wood blinds, were much colder when I walked by. A reminder that Window Coverings aren’t just for lookin’ good, they can be a great energy saver when the weather gets a little crazy.

If you are looking for energy efficient blinds, shades, or shutters this winter, or anything to take the edge off the electric bill, take a look at the options below. We have put together a list of the most energy efficient blinds you can get.

Cellular Shades

These guys top any list of energy efficient window coverings. It’s what they were made to do.  Cellular Shades are built with pockets to trap air that may leak through the windows. These cells are honeycomb shape, hence a common reference to these window coverings as Honeycomb Shades. The trapped air is then warmed, or cooled to the interior temperature before escaping. This means a cozy home in the winter, and a cool one in the summer.

Pleat Sizes Matter

As with anything that is designed well, the look of cellular shades is functional. Cellular shades are made with different sized pleats for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Shades with larger pleats look better in larger windows, while smaller windows will benefit from smaller pleats.

Pleat sizes are usually, 3/8, 3/4, and 1 1/2

Single Cell Shades

The affordable version of Cellular shades are known as Single Cell Shades. These shades use the exact same innovation, however, instead of multiple honeycomb cells, single cell shades have one large pocket of air sandwiched between two pieces of material.  

Double Cell Shades

Want one step up from Single Cell, well here ya go:  Double Cell Shades offer an additional layer of honeycomb fabric that offers increased energy efficiency and fanciness. This mid range option in energy efficient blinds also comes in a huge variety of colors, fabric styles and optional upgrades.

Triple Cell Shades

For climates like ours here in Colorado Springs, a triple cell shade would be your best option for energy efficiency.  Because we have such extreme temperature shifts, not only from season to season, or even day to day, but HOUR TO HOUR, the increased layer will help stabilize the interior temperature of your space.  It is not uncommon, without proper window coverings in Colorado, to find yourself using the heater and the air conditioner at different parts of the same day.

Plantation Shutters

For a more permanent option, with lasting financial return on home value, plantation shutters are a great option for energy efficiency. Installed correctly, plantation shutters fit tight against the window sill and offer a thick layer of wood or composite to protect against the outside elements.

Exterior Shades

When it comes to summer heat and direct sunlight, Exterior Shades create an insulating barrier that can cut down your air conditioning bill. In addition, these shades protect your space against harmful UV rays.

Looking to combine window treatments?

If none of the above options stand out, or you are looking to combine window treatments, but aren’t sure which would be best, we invite you to visit our showroom and sit down for a free consultation.


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