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What to Look for in Faux Wood Blinds

Tips to Choosing a Luxurious Looking Option that can Stand the Test of Time


Faux wood blinds are a great option for those who want the luxuriousness of real wood blinds but at a more economical price point. Not only are faux wood blinds beautiful, but they also offer greater durability, so they’ll stand the test of time. These blinds can even handle curious children and pups. And cleaning them is a breeze, without the hassle of routinely conditioning the wood slats. Here are some things you should consider when buying faux wood blinds.


Faux wood blinds are generally made of durable polymer materials. So unlike real wood blinds, they won’t swell or warp in humidity nor crack in dry environments and extreme temperatures. These materials also include UVA inhibitors so they will stand the test of time in a sunny window. This durability means you can have the look of wood no matter the room or window. You can even put faux wood blinds in kitchens and bathrooms! Because there are a few different types of these polymer materials, you should speak with your design expert about which type will last the longest in your home. 


Faux wood blinds can match nearly any decor style because they come in a variety of slat styles, colors and even stains. Some faux wood blinds have a genuine wood grain appearance with realistic stains and texture for that perfect warm wood look. Or you can go with a smooth painted white slat to match more modern decor. As with any window treatment, be sure that you work with your design expert to find the faux wood blind style that matches your home decor the best.


Faux wood blinds come both corded and cordless. Cords can pose a strangulation hazard to pets or small children, so if you have either, go with a cordless lift system. Cordless also offers more clean lines for those who prefer a minimalist look as well. 

Valances and Cornices

If you want a more seamless or sophisticated look, consider adding on a valance or cornice for a stylish topper. They can be smooth contoured or crown style to match your decor, from modern to traditional. If you have a long window that requires more than one set of blinds, consider getting a shared valance to create the appearance of a single window treatment. 

Cloth Tapes

This upgrade adds decorative flair to your faux wood blinds. Cloth tapes come in a variety of fabric styles to match your home decor and can also cover the route holes that the cords pass through for more light blockage and privacy. 

Other Small Upgrades

Faux wood blinds can be cut to custom sizes and shapes, including cutouts for door handles and cutting them to fit windows with decorative trim. Choosing rounded corners changes the cut of the slats, adding a subtle design touch. Going routless removes the visible holes that cords pass through, giving you a more seamless look that provides more light blocking and privacy.

Window Size

One last thing you should consider with faux wood blinds is the size of your window. Because faux wood blinds are heavier than real wood blinds, this is something to keep in mind. The great part of faux wood blinds is that they don’t need to be raised up to see outside. You simply need to open the slats for easy use.


Faux wood blinds are a durable and beautiful option for your home. They come with many of the same customization options as real wood blinds and can match just about any decor style. If you are ready to upgrade your window treatments to faux wood blinds, contact Elevated Views today. Our expert team offers free in-home consultations, design consultation and installation services that meet even the highest standards without any sales pressure!

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