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Colorado Homeowner’s Guide to How to choose cellular shades

How to choose cellular shades: 5 Things to consider

Thinking about cellular shades for your home?

Not sure where to start?

This quick guide will give you the basics to buying cellular shades and help you understand if cellular shades are right for your home here near Colorado Springs. 

5 Things To Consider as You Shop for Cellular Shades

  1. Consider your orientation. Does your window face north, south, east, or west? Depending on your answer, you might feel the need for cellular shades more than another direction. Cellular shades are known for their great insulating power, which can be helpful if you have a lot of direct light, or a really cold side of your home.
  2. Consider your view vs privacy. Do you want to be able to see out of your window? With cellular shades, you can move them up or down, and even choose from opening at the bottom or the top in some cases. However, you can’t easily get the “partial views” that other window coverings offer. Think through if you need to see your view or need privacy. The answer here will help you determine if cellular shades are right for your home here in Colorado Springs.
  3. Consider heat loss. Some spots in our home are just colder or hotter than others. A huge piece of this is determined by the quality of the window itself and also determined by the amount of direct light. You can help regulate the temperature in your home by choosing cellular shades in the right spots. 
  4. Consider Color. Cellular shades give great privacy, but they can also give a nice glow to a room with the bit of light that goes through the shade itself. Think through what color makes the best sense. Consider if you want any designs in the fabric or material choices. 
  5. Consider the design. Cellular shades give a nice sleek look to a window, and can be great if that’s the look you’re going for. However, many people like to pair them with curtains as well to round out their interior design. Take some time to look through pictures of cellular shades installed to get ideas for how they will look. It’s worth a few minutes to look through a few pictures to make sure they are the right choice for you.

Cellular shades are one of the most popular options for blinds and window coverings, especially here in Colorado Springs. They work well here because they not only help with any temperature swings we get from morning to night, but they also can help us regulate temperatures in a place where we have such intense sunlight. At Elevated Views, we know a thing or two about what works best for residents and customers in the Colorado Springs area. We live here and know the same needs you have for your home. Let our team help answer your questions about cellular shades and help you make a winning decision for your home!

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