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How To Choose Springs Blinds To Fit Your Home’s Style

Considering an upgrade to your home with Springs blinds? We can guide you through that decision to pick the perfect blinds for your home.

Wide Vertical Blinds for Large Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical blinds work excellently for wide windows and sliding glass doors. When closed, they block a lot of light and provide much-needed privacy. If you want the view and the sunshine, you can slide the shades to one side leaving the window open and uncluttered. Vertical blinds are great for sliding glass doors because they stack to the side to get them out of the way when you’re coming in and out.

Bright Colored Blinds To Match A Bold Theme

Blinds come in all sorts of colors to match almost any theme you have going. A bold color can be the perfect addition to make a statement with your window treatments.

Neutral Colors To Keep The Peace

Bold colors have their place but if you’re thinking of reselling your home (or if your partner isn’t so keen on the idea), neutral colors are a good choice. Your blinds will do their job without drawing undue attention to themselves.

Top Down For Springs Blinds With A Traditional Look

Most homes have blinds that stack at the top and are pulled down. Combined with curtains, they provide a functional service without making a statement.

Bottom Up To Block A View While Welcoming The Sun

Shades and blinds that work from the bottom up are an excellent choice if you love natural light but don’t want a view of the street.

Wood Blinds, Shutters, Or Shades For A Natural Feel

Wooden window treatments create a natural, organic feel. If you love the idea of indoor plants and natural fibers, you’ll love the look created by wood. Whether you’re looking for bamboo or some other natural fiber, wood can be a beautiful embellishment in your home.

Faux Wood Springs Blinds For Damp Environments

Want the look of wood but worried about moisture ruining Springs blinds? Faux wood is the perfect match for bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is higher.

Shutters For Colonial and Cottage Looks

Shutters are a charming option for lots of décor themes: colonial, cottage, seaside and more. They block out a lot of light when closed or let the sunshine stream in when open. If they’re your style, shutters complete a look like few other innovations can.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your options for Springs blinds. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your home. 

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