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Your Guide To How To Find Quality Blinds and Window Coverings

How to Find Quality Blinds and Window Coverings: 

How to Find Quality Blinds and Window Coverings: 


With so many options, it can feel a little overwhelming to consider what to buy and where to buy curtains and blinds. You literally have more choices than ever before and it can feel like a lot to decide what to use. As experts in the industry and years upon years under our belt, we’ve seen it all. So, we wanted to help you decide how to find quality blinds and window coverings and to help you make the right decision for YOU.

  1. Where you buy curtains, blinds, and window coverings can make or break your experience. You want to work with the right company, not just the right brand of product. At Elevated Views, we offer in-home consultations and expert installation. We’ve done thousands and thousands of homes so we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know Colorado, more specifically Colorado Springs. We know the local climate, sun intensity, and other factors that will make or break your window covering experience.
  2. Look for top-rated brands. If you’re looking for the cheapest blinds in Colorado Springs, you won’t find them here. Why? We simply don’t carry junk. Over the years, we’ve tested and tried the top brands and we only choose to carry the best quality brands that will hold up for our customers. Are we the cheapest on the market? No. But, we know you don’t want that. You want value, but value that will last. 
  3. Look for selection. If you’re working with a reputable window covering company in Colorado Springs, you will be working with quality brands and products that will hold up. The next step is to look at what kind of selection they carry. Every window is unique and every room requires a special approach. That’s why selection matters! Look for a company that can help you understand your options and help you narrow down what type of style is perfect for your situation. 
  4. Look for safety features. With string cords becoming a bigger issue for safety with kids, some of the best blinds and window coverings on the market today are ones that have safety features like cordless blinds. Whatever products you’re considering, if you’re wondering where to buy curtains, blinds, or window coverings, look for ones that speak to safety. The features may be changing or evolving, but a quality brand is one that is going to address the issue.
  5. Look at reviews. The reviews really do speak volumes. We’ve worked hard to provide quality service (both in blinds/window covering products, but also in installation and service), which is reflected in our online reviews. You can see our Google Reviews HERE. When you’re looking at the reviews, look at quantity and frequency to see if the standard of care and quality holds up over time. We’re proud to have a 5-Star average rating month after month!

No need to wonder where to buy curtains, blinds, or window coverings! 

You can make a confident decision for window coverings by evaluating a company based on the criteria above. We’re proud to not only provide the best quality blinds in Colorado Springs, but also provide the best consumer education on window coverings. We’re here to help you make the best decision possible and the one that is right for YOU!


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