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How to Get the Look of Designer-Worthy Window Treatments

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest-Worthy Window Treatments

How to Get the Look of Designer-Worthy Window Treatments. Pinterest and Instagram are full of designer-worthy window treatment ideas. You could literally spend countless hours going down a rabbit hole of design options. But exactly how do designers achieve that perfectly dressed look? Here are some secrets to getting designer-worthy window treatments you’ll be itching to share on Pinterest or The Gram.

How to Get the Look of Designer-Worthy Window Treatments.

Do: Consider the Function of the Room

The function of a kitchen is much different than the function of a bedroom. In a kitchen, you want bright, natural light while in a bedroom, you want the ability to block light and increase your privacy at night. In your den and office, you’ll want to block glare on screens but in a formal living room, you’ll want soft, diffused light. It’s important to consider the function of the room so you choose the right treatment. You wouldn’t put a blackout roman shade in your kitchen, now would you?


Don’t: Assume One Size Fits All

While you want a cohesive look, you can still vary your window treatments a bit. For example, you may choose to have the same faux wood blinds throughout your house, but layer it with drapes in the bedroom and add a valance in the kitchen. For a truly designer-worthy look, use the same colors throughout your home when layering fabrics over hard treatments. 


Do: Have the Experts Help

How to Get the Look of Designer-Worthy Window Treatments. Window covering experts will get the proper measurements for your windows, ensuring a perfect fit even for those difficult windows like bay windows. They can also help you pick the best options for your budget and style. Sifting through thousands of options on your own can be overwhelming and you may end up choosing something you don’t like in the end. 


Don’t: Skimp on the Good Materials

Custom window coverings and expert installation may cost you more in the short term, but over the long run, you’ll get a better value. Custom window treatments are made to last! So don’t skimp on treatments made from good materials, especially if you have pets or children or are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend more money replacing your treatments five years down the road. 


Do: Choose the Right Treatment for Your Style

Choosing a window treatment that doesn’t match your existing style can become an eyesore. If you aren’t sure what your personal style is, speak with a design expert at a window covering company. They will be able to help you better understand your own style and help you find the perfect window treatment you’ll love. 


Don’t: Choose Something Because it’s “The Latest”

Some styles come and go but the beauty of custom window treatments is their longevity. So don’t opt for a style just because it’s “in” now. Choose a style that will stand the test of time. Some examples are wood and faux wood blinds, wood and faux wood shutters, and roman shades. These classic treatments fit a variety of home decor styles and won’t be out of style three years from now. 


Do: Hang Drapes High and Wide

If you opt for drapes or layering drapes over a hard treatment such as shutters or blinds, do hang your drapes high and wide. The rod should be a few inches down from the ceiling and should extend several inches past your window frame on either side. This helps your room look taller and gives your drapes the perfect amount of overlap with the walls to ensure light doesn’t leak through when you close them. Hanging them just above the frame allows less light in and will make your room appear crowded. Also, bring your drapes to the floor. Ending them at the window sill or just above the floor defeats the purpose of hanging them high to make your room appear taller than it is. 


Don’t: Puddle Drapes in Most Rooms

Puddling drapes on the floor can be luxurious, but it’s not for every room. For example, it may be fine in the master bedroom, but not in your young child’s room where they may trip over it. Puddling drapes in your formal living room is also fine, but not in the den where people and children are playing and having fun. 


Call in the Experts!

If you still feel overwhelmed with all of the choices out there, call in the experts today! Elevated Views can help you find the perfect designer-worthy window treatment for your style and budget. We help you through the entire process, from selections to installation. And our custom window treatments will stand the test of time, giving you great value!


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