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Looking For Springs Blinds? Check Out This Guide

When you’re buying Springs blinds, the decision comes down to your personal style and how much light you want in. Blinds are a great choice because they don’t have to be pulled up to let the light in. They can hang evenly down the entire window and let light in by opening the slats. When closed they provide plenty of privacy and you can easily adjust them to allow for more or less light.

How Much Light and Privacy Do You Need?

This will differ from room to room. In the kitchen, you might want more light pouring through the window. In a bedroom, you’ll likely want to be able to block out light. Different types of blinds will serve these functions.

What are the Cleaning Requirements?

If you want blinds to stay clean find out what’s needed for upkeep. A little cleaning each month will keep them looking fresh for years. Find out how much is involved in cleaning so you’ll know what regular upkeep looks like.

What Safety Features Do You Want?

Safety features are the greatest development in blinds. Learn about cordless and automated blinds if you have pets or small children. It’s one danger you won’t ever have to think about.

What’s Your Budget?

Are you outfitting your whole home or just a few windows? Get an idea of how much you’re wanting to spend on your window treatments. You might decide to go deluxe in high traffic rooms while choosing less expensive blinds (with fewer features) in


What Material Do You Prefer?

Did you know you can choose the material your blinds are made from? Most blinds are available in vinyl, aluminum, faux wood, and wood. Take samples home (or have us bring our inventory to your home for free) to see what materials look best in your home.

Springs Blinds Are Excellent For Blending Privacy and Light

Blinds are a popular choice for bedrooms because they provide privacy by blocking out a lot of light when closed. Open the slats partially to mute the light that pours through. Or, pull the blinds up completely so nothing obstructs your view.

Slat Options

Don’t forget about your options for slats. Springs blinds come with horizontal or vertical slats. For horizontal blinds, you choose between wide and the traditional thin sizes. In general, vertical slats work well for sliding glass doors. Wide slats are a good choice for larger windows.

If you’re thinking of outfitting your home with new blinds, get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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