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Wooden Window Blinds

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Options and How to Care for Real Wood Blinds

There is nothing quite like real wood window blinds. The warmth of wood, especially in natural wood hues, lends a coziness to your room. Real wood is also a natural insulator, so you’ll get a little energy savings as they help to keep the temperature inside your home more consistent. Wooden window blinds are certainly luxurious, but like other blinds, they still have all the same great functionality. The louvered design gives you the ultimate light filtering control and allows you to have privacy when you want it and filtered light when you need it. Options and How to Care for Real Wood Blinds. Let’s take a deeper dive into this luxurious but functional window covering.


Colors and Stains

Real wood blinds come in a variety of colors and stains, allowing you to match any decor style from French country to industrial. Colors include shades of white, cream and black, and stains in natural to mahogany or walnut. With custom wood blinds, you have the ability to custom match to the existing wood already in your home! 


Slat Options

The width of the slats, or louvers, can really change the look and feel of your blinds. Smaller slats go well with more modern designs while wider slats work well with more traditional home decor styles. Most wood blinds come in one inch, two inch or two and a half inch widths. Another thing to consider besides matching decor style when it comes to slat width is also the view. The wider the slat also means a wider gap between the slats, giving you more unobstructed views when the blinds are down and the louvers are open. 


Corded vs Cordless

Cordless blinds work in exactly the same way as corded blinds, just without the cord! Cordless is a great option for homes with small children or pets as the cord can pose a strangulation hazard. Cordless is also great for those who prefer a minimalist or cleaner look to their windows. To operate cordless blinds, pull or push the slats up or down to fully open and close the blinds. To tilt the slats, simply tilt one slat and the rest will follow. 


How to Care for Wooden Window Blinds

Options and How to Care for Real Wood Blinds. Caring for real wood blinds will require a little bit more than faux wood blinds require. To keep your wood blinds clean, simply dust with a soft, lint free cloth on both sides of the slats and over the valance or cornice. You will also need to oil your wood blinds, like you would care for wood furniture. Simply swipe a soft, lint free cloth with lemon oil or furniture polish over the wooden slats and valance. How often you do this will depend on how dry of a climate you live in. Be sure to never soak your real wood blinds in water or have them installed in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. It’s also a good idea to avoid installing wood blinds near the stove as grease splatters can discolor your blinds. 


Elevate Your Views

Custom wood blinds are built to last. Options and How to Care for Real Wood Blinds. Call in the pros and we’ll help make choosing your new wooden window blinds fun and easy! Our design experts can help you select the right options for your needs and budget plus our installation experts will ensure they are hung correctly the first time, giving you peace of mind. Book your free in-home consultation and quote today and we’ll bring the showroom to you! 


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