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Thinking About Outdoor Patio Shades? Here’s What You Need to Know:

Outdoor Patio Shades for Colorado Springs Homeowners

Summer is just around the corner and things will be heating up on your patio, literally! From relaxing on your patio while watching the kids play in the yard, to gatherings with friends and family for a barbecue, plus the sun beating down on you, there are so many reasons for buying outdoor exterior patio shades. Not only can exterior patio shades keep you cool and comfortable while outside, they can also help keep your energy costs down inside your home by providing your windows another layer of protection from the sun’s rays. Thinking about outdoor patio shades? Here is what you need to know.

What are the different options for patio shades and which one is right for you? We’ll dive into what you need to know before buying outdoor exterior patio shades.

Roller Shades 

These roll-up shades are one of the most common options to shade your patio. They generally come in three material options: plastic, bamboo and solar screen fabric. They have varying degrees of light filtering and many of those made of solar fabric are also UV blocking, which can help to protect you and even your patio furniture from the damaging rays of the sun. Colors are, for the most part, neutrals, but there are color options available especially if you custom order them. Other options include cordless and corded. We recommend cordless, especially if you have young children. The cordless options can either be operated with a hand crank or can be motorized, moving up and down with the touch of a button! Regardless of which options you choose, you can decide how far up or down to have your roller shades for the perfect amount of shade. 

Who Roller Shades are Right For: If you already have a covered patio or deck, roller shades are the right option for you. They can be hung from the eaves of your covered patio easily, creating your cool, shaded oasis. 

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains act much like the curtains in your home do. These curtains, however, are designed specifically for outdoor use and are made of fabrics that can withstand the elements. They offer a softer touch to your outdoor space while offering light filtering. Some are even UV blocking. They can be hung from strong cording or on outdoor curtain rods. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your outdoor decor. 

Who Outdoor Curtains are Right For: If you appreciate a more decorative look that provides function at the same time, curtains are right for you. And, like roller shades, if you already have a covered patio or deck, outdoor curtains can be hung from the eaves to create your personal “cabana” (pool or beach not included)!

Sun Shade Sails

Sails generally come in outdoor solar fabric and are hung above to create a shaded area. They provide light filtering and are often UV blocking. Many come in square or triangle shapes. The colors are generally a neutral color pallet, but there are more colorful options, especially if you custom order your sails. They can be mounted without much hardware to trees, posts and the exterior of your home to provide coverage. It’s important that sails are hung taut so they don’t flap in the breeze. 

Who Sails are Right For: If you don’t have a covered patio or deck, a sail is a good option for you. It can provide you coverage from the sun not just on your patio, but you can even cover other important areas of your backyard, such as a hot tub or the kid’s play area. 


Awnings attach to your home’s exterior and can be made of either fabric or a rigid material. Options include being permanently extended or retractable, with the later being either manual or motorized. The motorized awnings can be operated with a remote or a hardwired switch. Awnings come in a variety of color options, especially if you custom order them.

Who Awnings are Right For: If you don’t already have a covered patio or deck, awnings are a great option. They will be able to provide you with the protection you need, and if you choose retractable, you can put them away when you don’t need them. 


Protecting you, your family and your home with a light filtering shade can make your backyard relaxation and gatherings so much more enjoyable. To make it worry free, call in the pros, like Elevated Views, to measure your space, help you pick out the right options for you and install your new patio shades!


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