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Roman Shades: What are my Options?

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A Buyer’s Guide to Roman Shades


Roman Shades: What are my Options? Roman shades offer endless customization options thanks to the many styles and fabric options. This window covering adds texture and warmth to any room you install them in. While roman shades have been around for a while, they are immensely popular with homeowners because they offer plenty of style to suit anyone’s taste. 


Why You Will Love Roman Shades Too

Roman shades offer many different styles and fabric options that suit any home decor style. Roman Shades: What are my Options? From contemporary and minimalist to beach cottage, there is an option for everyone! Not only that, but the fabric and pleats bring a luxurious look to your home. Because these versatile shades have a long history, they never go out of style. That means even decades from now, the roman shades you choose will look just as stylish as the day you picked them out!


Types of Roman Shades

Roman shades are known for their soft drapes or crisp folds of fabric when the shade is lifted. They operate much like pleated or cellular shades, using a pull cord or continuous loop to raise and lower the fabric. Because the cord controls the draping along the bottom, roman shades do not come in a cordless option. However, there are 4 distinct types or styles of pleating to choose from.

  • Standard Flat Fold: This type of roman shade offers a simple, contemporary look. When fully lowered, the shade appears flat and when raised, the fabric draws up in a neat bunch of folds reminiscent of cellular shades. 
  • Plain Fold: This style brings a little more texture and body to the window covering with crisp, plain folds of fabric. The fold is visible even when completely lowered; when raised, it becomes more pronounced. 
  • Soft Fold: Sometimes referred to as a hobbled fold, this style creates softer, rounder folds while still maintaining a straight edge along the bottom of the treatment. When raised, the folds have a more voluminous look; when lowered, you can still see the shape of the curved fold.
  • European Fold: Also referred to as a relaxed fold, this type of roman shade doesn’t have a rod sewn into the bottom of the shade that creates a stiff and straight line. Rather, the fabric at the bottom drapes in a soft, natural curve.


Fabric and Light Filtering Options

The fabric options are seemingly endless for roman shades. You can have your pick of solids and patterns, from red to black and everything in between. The amount of light filtering depends on the fabric and lining options you choose. Darker, heavier fabrics with a tighter weave will filter more light than a light colored, thinner fabric with a loose weave. If you want to maximize your light blocking, opt for a roman shade with a blackout lining on the back. This will block 99% of light when fully drawn. 


Value + Wear and Tear

Going with custom window treatments generally gives you greater value in the long haul because these window coverings are made from higher quality materials. However, it is important to choose the right fabric for the job. If your new roman shade will get a lot of use, go with a heavier fabric. Thinner, more gauzy fabrics or ones with lots of detailing won’t stand up to heavy use. 


Mounting Options

Like many other window coverings, roman shades can be installed as an inside mount or an outside mount. To know which of these options is right for you, here is what you should consider:

  • Whether your windows have heavy trim
  • If you have low ceilings
  • Whether you want to avoid light leaks 


The Room

Roman shades are best suited for living spaces, like kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and offices. They also work in bedrooms, but just be mindful that even if you select a blackout liner, that not all window coverings block 100% of the light. You will still get small streams of light from between the treatment and the window frame. To minimize light leaks, go with an outside mount. You also want to avoid roman shades in the bathroom. Humidity can soften the crisp pleats and flatten out gentle folds. Not to mention that fabric combined with excess moisture and ineffective venting can create mildew problems in your window covering!


Elevate Your View

Roman Shades: What are my Options? Change your point of view, literally, with a new window covering! Elevated Views offers many options for roman shades that will meet any budget and style. Our experts guide you through the process and make it fun and easy! Schedule your free in-home consultation and quote today and we’ll bring the showroom to you! 


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