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Why are Cellular Shades so Popular?

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The Benefits of Cellular Shades in Your Home

Cellular shades (also called honeycomb shades for their pocketed design) are one of the most sought after window treatments and for good reason! Their clean lines, texture and full range of color choice make them great for any style of home decor. But beyond fitting in with any style, what else do cellular shades offer? Plenty! Let’s take a look at this popular window covering option. The benefits of cellular shades in your home. 



Cellular shades offer the best insulation of any window treatment, even helping to lower your energy bills, and this is perhaps what makes them so popular. The honeycomb, or pocketed, construction traps both hot and cold air, helping insulate your home year round. The more layers of cells you have, the more insulation you get. Cellular shades come in single, double and triple cell construction. 


Light Filtering Options + Privacy

While you can’t control light filtering like you do with blinds, the fabric and number of cells you choose can dictate the amount of light filtering you get in your home. Lighter fabric cellular shades fill the room with a soft, warm glow when closed. Darker fabrics and double and triple-celled shades can block more light. 


When fully closed, cellular shades offer great privacy, making them perfect for bedrooms. And because they work great in just about every room, you can achieve a cohesive look by installing them throughout your home!


Neat and Clean Lines

Cellular shades offer clean lines that go with modern, transitional and traditional home styles. When retracted, they stack neatly into a small space, allowing you to enjoy your views when you want. When lowered, they retain those neat and clean lines while still giving you texture. 


Go with a cordless option to eliminate unsightly cords and to make your window treatment safer for small children and pets. Or, get the ultimate in luxury by upgrading to a motorized system, allowing you to control your view with the touch of a button.


And because cellular shades are simple looking in nature, they are perfect for pairing with custom drapes, curtains or valances for a truly luxe look. 


Easy to Clean

The benefits of cellular shades in your home. Cellular shades are very easy to clean and maintain. Simply attach the upholstery or brush attachment to your vacuum to gently clean away debris and dust. For spot cleaning, use a mild solution like soap and water. Be sure to spot test in an inconspicuous place, such as on the back corner of your cellular shades. 


A Few Considerations

There are a few things to consider when choosing cellular shades for your home. It’s important to remember that they do not have slats that tilt like blinds, giving you less control over the amount of light filtering. And because they are fabric, they can absorb moisture and odors. Because of this, they are not ideal in kitchens or bathrooms; however, if they are not too close to showers, sinks or stoves, they may be appropriate for some kitchen and bathroom applications. 


Elevate Your Windows

If you are ready to upgrade your window coverings to insulating cellular shades, Elevated Views is ready to help! We offer a free in-home consultation that brings the showroom to you. Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect window coverings for your style and budget as well as provide expert installation services. Contact us today to schedule your free quote!

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