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The Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Four Treatments for a Difficult-to-Fit Window

The Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows. Bay windows are tricky to add window treatments to if you are using options from a big box store. But when you choose a custom treatment for your bay window, everything fits perfectly; no more having to deal with blinds that hit each other when you open them or rods that overlap or don’t allow your drapes to close all the way.


The Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows. This is because the hardware is designed for your specific window size and shape. Just like people, windows don’t have a one-size-fits-most option, especially for this particularly difficult-to-dress window. Custom treatments for bay windows ensure that you get the most functionality out of your new window treatment. And if you don’t have full functionality of your window treatment, what is the point?


If you are looking to outfit your bay window with a new window treatment, here are our favorite ideas. The Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows.


1 | Blinds

Blinds are a great option for rooms that get different lighting throughout the day. The ability to tilt the slats gives you full light filtering control. What makes them so great for bay windows is the ability to mount them to the inside of your window frame (if your frame is deep enough), ensuring that your window treatments never bump into each other, causing slats to bend or break.


Opt for wood blinds for a natural form of insulation against cold and heat. For a more economical option with all the beauty of real wood, choose faux wood blinds. Blinds are a great option for any home decor style as well and come in a variety of finishes. For traditional styles, choose a wider slat. For more modern styles, go with a thinner slat. For homes with children and pets, we recommend cordless blinds to eliminate the choking hazard that cords pose. 


2 | Roman Shades

Elegant roman shades add panache to any room. If your window frame is deep enough, you can have your roman shades mounted to the inside of the frame, which means your window treatments won’t overlap, keeping your lines clean and elegant. Roman shades are great for rooms that get a lot of sunlight that you need to diffuse or block. 


The soft folds of fabric of roman shades add rich texture and you can choose from seemingly endless options of fabric to match your existing decor. For more modern styles, opt for flat fold roman shades, which offer cleaner lines and more structure. For traditional styles, choose soft fold roman shades, which give that distinctive swooping line of classic roman shades. For additional light blocking power, choose a room darkening or blackout lining. 


3 | Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades bring the beauty of nature inside and softly diffuse sunlight. Like blinds and roman shades, they can be mounted to the inside of the window frame, space permitting. This will ensure that your window treatments don’t overlap.


These shades are made from woven woods, like bamboo, reeds or grasses, and add a huge punch of texture but with neutral colors. They are perfect for all home decor styles from modern to coastal. We recommend choosing a bottom up top down option for more functionality, and also eliminates the cords for homes with pets and small children. 


4 | Shutters

Shutters are a classic treatment with tons of options, such as louver width, framing hardware, color, material and much more. They are the only window treatment that adds value to your home and gives your house amazing curbside appeal. Their louvered design gives you full light filtering control, like blinds. These window treatments are mounted to the inside of your window frame, ensuring you won’t have any issues in your bay window with functionality.


For modern homes, we recommend a thinner slat and minimal trim or no trim to accentuate your home’s clean lines. For more traditional styles, choose a wider slat with larger trim for classic appeal. Choose real wood for additional natural insulation or faux wood for a more budget friendly option that can also be installed in rooms with high humidity. For homes with small children, we recommend upgrading with locks to ensure your children’s safety. 


Bonus | Layer it with Drapes

For a luxurious look, layer your hard window treatments (blinds, shutters, woven wood shades) with custom drapes. Rods for custom drapes are made specifically to fit your bay window, ensuring you can fully close and open your drapes. For additional light blocking, opt for a room darkening or blackout liner. 


Not So Tricky for the Experts!

Elevated Views understands that the right window coverings can change your point of view–literally! We are experts at fitting hard-to-fit windows with the perfect window treatment for your budget and style. Schedule your free in-home consultation and quote today and we’ll bring the showroom to you! 

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