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The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

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Tips for Choosing Window Treatments that can Withstand High Humidity

High humidity can really mess with certain window treatments and in bathrooms, that’s no exception. So what are the best window treatments for bathrooms? Tips for choosing window treatments best for the bathroom. We’ll dive into what window treatments to avoid and which ones will withstand the test of time and the elements.


Which Window Treatments to Avoid in High Humidity Areas

Tips for choosing window treatments best for the bathroom. There are three types of window treatments to avoid in bathrooms. The first is fabric. The humidity in the room can really make any dust stick to your fabric window treatments. Also, poor ventilation in your bathroom can lead to mold growing in your fabric treatments–yuck!


The second window treatment to avoid in humid rooms are real wood window treatments. This is because humidity can warp and fade wood. For this reason, you should avoid wood blinds, wood interior shutters and woven wood shades in high humidity rooms like bathrooms.


The final window treatment you should avoid in bathrooms is interior solar shades. While they might seem like a good idea for bathrooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight and can withstand higher humidity rooms, at night they become fully transparent from the outside, which is probably something you don’t want in a bathroom where privacy is your biggest concern.  


The Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms and Other Humid Areas

Don’t worry, though! There are still plenty of great options for window treatments in your bathrooms that provide privacy, light control and style!


Faux Wood Blinds and Composite Shutters: If you love the look and feel of real wood, faux wood blinds and composite interior shutters are a great option. These window treatments can withstand the high humidity while still giving you that classic look of real wood without the price tag of real wood! We love blinds and shutters because of the amazing light filtering control you have, giving you just the right amount of light and privacy any time of day or night. We also love the ability to customize them with hardware, mounting options, valances and more to fit any style from modern to traditional.  We’ll also add that interior shutters are the only window treatment that actually adds value to your home because they are so coveted by homebuyers!


Vinyl Roller Shades: If you love fabric roller shades, then go for vinyl roller shades instead. Unlike fabric, vinyl won’t grow mold in high humidity rooms. We love that vinyl roller shades come in a variety of textures and colors and provide clean, modern lines with plenty of privacy when closed. 


Vertical Blinds and Sliding Panels: If you have a large window in your bathroom, you’ll need to take into consideration the weight of your window treatment on your window casing. Vinyl roller shades are a good option if window size is an issue, but so are vertical blinds and panels. Today’s vertical blinds are not the vertical blinds of the 90s. We love the updated and modern look of today’s vertical blinds and their ability to provide complete light filtering and privacy control. If you want something that is even more modern, check out vertical sliding panels. These wider panels offer an even more modern take on vertical blinds and look quite stunning. We love that they provide the same light filtering and privacy control as vertical blinds. 


Ready to Elevate Your Views?

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