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Window Blinds: The Basics

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Options and Features of Window Blinds Plus Why Custom Window Blinds are Worth the Investment

 To help you choose which window blinds are best for you. Window blinds are perhaps one of the most popular window treatment options. Their popularity is due in part to the versatility of blinds, which often have many different options from material to colors, as well as complete control over light filtering and privacy. The slatted design allows you to tilt the slats to adjust light filtering to your likes and needs. When fully closed, your blinds also offer you complete privacy. 

 To help you choose which window blinds are best for you. We’ve created this handy guide that goes over all the different options, plus why custom blinds are better than blinds from big box stores. 




Window blinds come in a variety of materials to help match any home decor style. 

  • Metal: Metal blinds are generally made of aluminum. They look great with modern, minimalist or industrial home decor styles. They are also great if you are on a budget.
  • Faux Wood/Vinyl: Faux wood blinds match any home decor style from modern to rustic, depending on the color or stain you choose. They give you the look of real wood without the cost or the extra upkeep. Basic vinyl blinds also come in a variety of color options but just don’t have the faux wood grain that faux wood blinds will have. 
  • Real Wood: Real wood blinds look great with a variety of home decor styles. When purchasing custom wood blinds, you have the ability to choose a custom stain color to match the existing wood tones and colors in your home for a seamless and cohesive look. They also provide natural insulation from the elements. Wood blinds are not recommended for humid climates or rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms) as humidity can warp and fade your blinds. 


Colors and Stains

All three material options for blinds come in a variety of colors and stains. Metal blinds can be metallic and they can be from white to black or any color in between. The possibilities are endless! Vinyl blinds come in many of the same color options as metal blinds, minus the metallic color options. Real wood blinds come in many stains from light to dark and when you go with custom, you can color match your stain to existing wood stain colors in your home. Faux wood blinds also come in a variety of stains as well as other colors such as white, grey and black. 


Slat Width

The width of the slat can dictate the look and feel of the blinds. Small slat widths offer a more modern look while wider slats offer a more traditional feel. The width of the slat can also affect energy savings, which is something we will address further down in this guide. 


Corded vs Cordless

Blinds come standard in both corded and cordless options. Cordless blinds are great for homes with pets or small children as it eliminates a common strangulation hazard. For the ultimate in luxury, you can opt for motorized blinds, which can be operated at the touch of a button (some systems also offer operation by voice command). Smart blinds are another motorized option, but they can be programmed to open and close each day at times you specify, or learn the time you like for your blinds to open and close. 


Energy Savings

Blinds in general can help to decrease the cost of your energy bills. When fully closed, they block hot UV rays. Not only does this help to keep out the heat during the summer, but it can also protect your furniture, flooring and decor from fading due to harmful UV rays. When fully closed, blinds can also provide some protection from the cold during the winter. To get the most energy savings, choose a wider slat, which reduces the amount of space between slats which can allow heat and cold to seep through. Because wood is a natural insulator, real wood blinds also provide more natural energy savings than blinds made from other materials.


Care and Upkeep

Blinds are very easy to keep clean. To dust your blinds, use a soft, lint free cloth to clean both sides of the slats. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment to rid dust from any cording. Metal and faux wood/vinyl blinds can also be submerged in water for a deep clean. Do not submerge real wood blinds in water as they will warp. Wood blinds will also require regular polishing with furniture polish or oil to keep the slats from drying out and cracking. 


Blinds can vary in price; however, there are a few factors that can affect the pricing including material, window size and installation. Metal blinds are the cheapest option while wood blinds are the most expensive options for blinds. The larger your window is, the more your blinds will cost. And finally, if you choose to have an expert install your blinds, there will be an installation cost. 


Why Custom Blinds are Worth the Investment

It’s easy to grab a set of blinds from a big box store to install yourself. However, there are several reasons why choosing custom blinds is better. The first is that custom blinds are better fitting, providing you better privacy and energy savings. Custom blinds are measured to fit your exact window, minimizing gaps between the window casing and your blinds, which also minimizes the area that heat can seep through, giving you better energy savings. Second, custom blinds come with expert installation. This means you will have peace of mind knowing that your window treatment is installed right the first time and that it won’t come crashing down on you! Lastly, custom blinds are made to last. There’s that old adage of “you get what you pay for” and that is true here. Custom blinds are made from high quality materials and if you care for them properly, they can last for years and years to come.


 To help you choose which window blinds are best for you. Ready to upgrade your window treatment to new, custom blinds? Elevated Views brings the showroom to you with our free in-home consultation and quote. Book your appointment today!

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