the higher standard in window coverings

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are the perfect choice for a window treatment. Known for their superior insulation and light-blocking capabilities, they give an alternative option to blinds and other window treatments.

These shades are made by pleating fabrics together like an accordion, creating hexagonal pockets when stretched out. Why choose cellular shades? Here are 5 reasons they make a great window treatment.

1 – Save Energy with Cellular Shades

If you’re looking to save on your energy bill, cellular shades are the right option for you. You’ll use less air conditioning during the summer and less heating during the winter. These shades block the hot air and sun rays from entering your home through the window in the summer. In the winter, they’ll block the cold air trying to get in.

You might ask, how do cellular shades provide such superior insulation? Cellular shades contain pockets of space within its pleated fabrics. This space serves as a buffer between one side of the shade and the other providing the insulation it’s known for.

2 – You Want to Reduce Noise Pollution

cellular shadesTired of all the noise pollution coming into your house from the outside? Maybe you want to minimize the noise coming into your bedroom so you can sleep better. Or maybe you’d like to reduce noise coming into your home office so you can concentrate on your work.

Because of their great insulation, they can also muffle much of the noise coming into your home.

3 – Block All the Light Coming in

If you’re looking for a permanent fix for blocking out the light coming in through your windows, cellular shades would do a great job. Try getting them in an opaque color, or better yet, buy some blackout styles. They’re great for those who need  to sleep during the day.

4 – You’re Concerned with Your Privacy

If you’d like to improve the privacy of your home, you can install cellular shades that open and close from the bottom up or from the top down. With this feature, you can decide whether you’d like the light to come in from the bottom or the top of the window.

5 – You’re Concerned with Child Safety

Cellular shades are safe for children and home pets because they’re either cordless or come with a detachable cord. You can also add a motorized feature for simplicity’s sake.

You can buy them with single cells or with double cells. For more temperature insulation, noise reduction, and light-blocking capabilities, try the double-celled shades.

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