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Should I use Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Vertical or Horizontal Blinds
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Even if you know you need window coverings, it might be difficult to know which type of window covering to use.

A common question regarding window treatments is whether to go with a vertical or horizontal orientation. There are two main things to consider here: Light Control and Functionality.

Made to easily slide completely out of the way, vertical blinds are most beneficial on wider windows and sliding glass doors. Horizontal blinds, on the other hand are much smaller – made for narrower and taller windows. Besides the orientation of the slats, vertical and horizontal blinds have different stylistic and functional advantages, including unique systems for opening and closing that allow different ways of controlling ambient light. Vertical and horizontal blinds both provide great options for controlling the amount of light that enters a space.

Controlling Light


Control Light with Vertical Blinds


The primary consideration in choosing whether to use vertical or horizontal blinds depends on how sunlight hits your windows. On windows that face to the north or the south, horizontal blinds allow better control of direct sunlight. On east- or west-facing windows, many interior designers prefer to use vertical blinds as this allows control of more glancing light. As you look for blinds, consider how the light hits that window. You might even consider taking a picture of that window in the morning, afternoon and evening to see where the light needs to be controlled.

Other Considerations


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Vertical blinds are much better choices than horizontal blinds, in most cases, for large windows. On sliding balcony and high traffic doors, for instance, vertical blinds allow the light to be filtered and still permit people to go in or out of the house by simply sliding the blinds to the side.

Horizontal blinds are an excellent option where privacy is of the utmost concern. When they are closed up completely, there is no risk of being blown aside by a breeze, or being moved open accidentally and they provide an excellent barrier to light. Combined with a set of curtains, or drapes, they can visually close off a room from the outside world, allowing the highest possible degree of privacy. This is great for bedrooms and for large living room windows at night.


The Quick and Easy


Long and Vertical

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Use vertical blinds on sliding glass and patio doors to allow for both light control and high foot traffic. On wide windows use fabric blinds with wide, vertical slats filter more light.

 Wide and Horizontal

Use horizontal blinds on tall, narrow windows. Roller blinds can also be a great option for wide, horizontal windows.




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