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How to Make Your Home Appear Large

It seems like no matter how much space we have, we always want it to look or feel bigger, right? Whether we’re working with a small space that physically is tiny and we want it to feel more open, or we’re working with a regular room and want it to feel more spacious, there are a few quick tricks to help any space feel larger:

vertical blinds for making windows look larger

  1. Declutter. The more visual clutter a space has the more the eye is going to fight to know where to look. It’s going to feel smaller simply because there’s so much visually to look at. Clear off the horizontal surfaces in your room and your space will instantly feel bigger. Cut the wall decor down and suddenly your walls feel larger. Trick your eye by decluttering just a few things in your space.
  2. Focus on bright colors. Certain colors can close a room in and make it feel smaller. Dark colors on walls can visually make a room appear smaller than it actually is. However, light, bright colors can open up a room dramatically.
  3. Lighter furniture. Furniture that has some visual space underneath can help trick the eye to think that the room is larger. Compare that with a solid chair or couch that grounds to the floor with no space underneath and it can feel more bulky and make the room feel more closed off.
  4. Minimal furniture. While you don’t have to go sparse in a room, using a few solid, large pieces instead of many smaller pieces of furniture can help a room feel more grand and spacious.
  5. Mirrors.  One super simple way to make any space feel larger is to add a mirror to the space. Mirrors help bounce light and also reflect the other side of the room, giving the illusion that the space is almost double. Use a larger mirror to make the illusion most effective, but really any size mirror can help you accomplish the effect. 
  6. Windows. Adding windows to the space can make any room feel larger because visually it is expanding the room. Now, the outside becomes part of the inside experience. Windows bring in more light, which also helps a room feel larger too. 
  7. Killer Light Fixtures. If you want to create the illusion of bigger spaces, add an interesting light fixture to draw the eye up. By doing so, you enhance the verticality of the room, and you don’t focus on how much horizontal space you are experiencing. 
  8. Appropriate Blinds. Did you know you can use vertical blinds for making windows look larger? Yes, anything vertical will help point your eye to look up. Since vertical blinds are in that same plane as looking up, they help draw the eye to see up and realize that the room is larger or even taller than it actually is. 
  9. Floor to Ceiling Blinds.  Just like how vertical blinds for making windows look larger can help, using decorative blinds that go from floor to ceiling can accentuate the vertical lines in a room, making it appear taller than actual.
  10. Use Rugs. Rugs can help delineate spaces and allow you to break apart spaces that you want to look larger or smaller based on the size of the rug. They can also help ground the room, allowing the rest of the decor to help visually expand the room. 

Window treatments and blinds can play a huge part in making a room feel larger or smaller. Talk to our expert team to find out what will work best in your room to enhance the architecture of your space!


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