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What are solar roller shades and are they right for you?

What are solar roller shades and are they right for you?
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What are solar roller shades and are they right for you?Looking for the best of both worlds in the world of window shades?  One of our favorite options for homeowners is the solar roller shade because it offers so many great features in one simple product. Many people don’t even realize solar roller shades are an option. So, what are solar roller shades, and are they right for you? Let’s take a look!

What are Solar Roller Shades?

Solar roller shades are window coverings that help provide a shade and block from sunlight, while reducing glare and heat transfer. They also allow you the ability to still see outside! Solar roller shades provide a sleek design, great for the minimalist or to pair alongside a show stopping curtain design or other detailed interior design elements. 

Before we go too far, let’s make sure we understand a few basics:

Solar shades allow you to see through them while down during the day while also providing complete privacy, people can’t see through them. At night however, this changes. You have NO privacy at night and when the lights are on inside the home and it’s dark outside, everyone can see in. 

Roller Shades are similar to Solar Roller Shades, except you can’t see through them. They come in a variety of colors/patterns and can come in a room darkening option. They allow light into the room, but provide privacy during the day and night. These are very popular b/c of the color choices and their low profile. You can get roller shades that provide the full privacy, OR you can also get a version of roller shades that offer the solar shade features. 

Are solar roller shades right for you?

Solar roller shades make a great option for so many rooms, and in order to make the right decision, let’s talk through the basics so you can see if solar roller shades are perfect for you:


If you love simple design, you’ll love solar roller shades. They simply roll up when closed up, allowing you to showcase your view, curtains, or a show stopping room. For those that love minimalist window design, solar roller shades are a beautiful option to help provide beauty, but not a distraction. 

Solar Protection:

Solar roller shades are designed to help diffuse light, helping you avoid glare and harsh lighting. They are ideal in rooms where you want a bright feel without the harsh direct rays. Solar roller shades are extremely popular here in Colorado Springs simply because many of our homes get direct sunlight so many days of the year. While in the winter, we may want that direct light for a few hours, we all know that in the summer it can cause our rooms to become heat boxes and drive up our energy bills. Solar roller shades can help you harness our beautiful sunny days in a way that YOU control.


While solar roller shades provide some barrier for hot and cold temperatures, compared to cellular shades, they don’t provide as thick of a barrier. 


Solar roller shades have a unique feature in that they allow you to see through them, giving you the solar protection while maintaining visibility. That said, they don’t provide as much privacy as other window covering options you might consider. Depending on your situation, this can be a great plus!

Questions to ask yourself as you consider solar roller shades:

  1. Do I need full privacy in this space? Am I okay with partial privacy?
  2. Do I have a beautiful view I want to preserve, but also protect my interior space from direct sunlight?
  3. Do I have a space that heats up a ton or always stays cold that could benefit from a passive option like solar roller shades that are designed to block the sunlight?
  4. Do I need a sleek design option for my interior space?

Are solar roller shades right for you?

We know that the answer is going to be different for every customer we work with. We’ve seen solar roller shades fit specific spaces perfectly! If you’re considering solar roller shades for your Colorado Springs home, we’d love to help you walk through your options and help you determine if they are right for you.


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