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What are the Best Faux Wood Blinds?

What are the best faux wood blinds?
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Here’s how to find faux wood blinds for your home:


What are the best faux wood blinds?Love the look of wood blinds or shutters, but not ready to shell out the cash on full on wood? Maybe you’re in a setting where you want the wood look, but know that wood won’t hold up? Whatever your reasons for considering faux wood for your blinds, as you start shopping around, you are going to have to evaluate the best options for you and understand what are the best faux wood blinds for your situation. 


Here are a few tips to find the best solution for your home:


  1. Consider materials: Most faux wood blinds are manufactured in some type of vinyl composite. Vinyl offers a cheaper and more streamlined option for consumers, while also allowing the ability to mimic the look of real wood. While real wood obviously has a more authentic look, feel, and even smell, solid wood can be a huge investment. For many cost-conscious consumers, faux wood tend to be the preferred choice.
  2. Consider the climate:  One perk to faux wood, especially buying them in Colorado Springs, is that they hold up better in our dry climate. Wood materials dry and crack over time, and we see more durability for our customers when they choose the faux wood versions. Faux wood blinds also work better in environments like kitchens and baths where there is more humidity because they don’t warp as much. 
  3. Custom Design: These are a great option for Colorado Springs residents with the beautiful windows and home designs we see here. There is so much character in our community and you can get blinds customized to fit any and every window in your space. 

At Elevated Views, we do window coverings solutions for our local customers in the greater Colorado Springs community. We’ve seen it all from small, custom shapes to large, expansive walls of windows. We also are careful about what brands we carry for our faux wood blinds. We look for quality, durability, brand reliability, and design when we choose what brands to carry. We only carry the best brands and we can help you evaluate which specific brands fits your project’s needs and your budget best. 

When you work with us, we typically recommend considering these brands we carry:

  1. Norman Blinds
  2. Graber Blinds

We get asked all the time about what are the best faux wood blinds here in Colorado. The truth is that the best faux wood blinds are going to be the ones that fit your needs best. We simply don’t carry unreliable brands, so when we work with our customers we talk through specific needs, design elements, and functionality. You can have peace of mind, knowing that you are working with a reputable brand, and can instead focus on making the right choice for your specific project! 


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