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Where to Buy Cheap Faux Wood Blinds 

From Quality to Installation, We Take a Deep Dive into this Affordable and Much Desired Window Covering


Where to buy cheap faux wood blinds? Faux wood blinds offer great style and are a cheaper option than real wood blinds. They also require less maintenance than real wood blinds because you don’t have to worry about them drying out and cracking. You might be looking for the best deal or cheapest option when it comes to faux wood blinds. However, cheaper isn’t always better.Photo by Lennon Cheng on Unsplash



Where to Buy Cheap Faux Wood Blinds. There’s that old adage of “you get what you pay for.” This is often true when it comes to window treatments. Faux wood blinds offer great style and are a cheaper option than real wood blinds. Big box store blinds might be cheaper, but they also lack in quality. Elevated Views offers only quality window treatments from the top brands. But rest assured, our faux wood blinds give the look of real wood without breaking the bank like real wood blinds. 


More Choices and Customization Options

Going with custom faux wood blinds over those from big box stores also offers more choices in colors, stains, materials and customization. We have it all whether you want mahogany for a rich and luxurious feel or white for a clean and coastal style! Plus, our faux wood blinds are measured to fit your exact window size. The brands we offer often include styles for multiple types of windows, ensuring you have a cohesive look throughout your home, from your bedroom window to your sliding glass door! 


Value over the Long Term

While going with custom faux wood blinds might be a bit more expensive in the long run, you are getting more value in the long term. These window coverings are meant to last and that means you won’t be worrying about fixing broken parts or buying new blinds any time soon. 


Expert Installation

Going with cheaper options often means installing your new blinds yourself. But with Elevated Views, you can rest assured knowing that your blinds are installed right the first time. Our team will provide expert installation so you have peace of mind that your new window treatments won’t come crashing down on you. 


More Upgrade Options

If you want even more value for the long term, many custom blinds offer great upgrades that you don’t always find at the big box stores. Want your new blinds motorized? No problem! We offer expert installation of motorized blinds so you can open and close your new window treatments at the touch of a button! Going motorized is also a great option if you have young children or dogs as they are cord free. 


Make an Investment that Will Last

Where to Buy Cheap Faux Wood Blinds. Ready to make an investment that will last for years to come? Schedule your free in-home consultation with us today! Elevated Views brings the showroom right to you. Once you make your selections, you can just sit back and let us do the rest of the work! We take care of measuring and expertly installing your new window coverings. All you have to do is worry about planning that next dinner party to show off these bad boys!

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