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Who makes the best faux wood blinds? 

Who makes the best faux wood blinds?  An overview of the best brands:


Do you love the look for wood blinds? 

Want to stay on budget?

Might we suggest you consider faux wood blinds. This popular choice for window coverings is a real winner for so many reasons. People love them for their durability, versatility, and also their price. However, if you’re considering these as an option, you’re probably wondering who makes the best faux wood blinds and what brands to consider. 

We’re here to help. We’ve done countless hours of research, tried out various brands, and ultimately found our top brands we recommend. 


Here are our tips as you consider this amazing option for your windows:

  1. Consider the look: Take a look at the samples. Obviously, these products are manufactured and made to look like wood. It’s worth a few minutes to take a look at some samples to see how they compare to other brands. Which ones have the look you want? Seeing them in person is really the best way to know which one you like the best. 
  2. Consider climate:  One thing we love about this material, especially looking to buy faux wood blinds in Colorado Springs, is that they hold up well to the intense sunlight we get, but also our dry climate too. Real wood blinds can be more temperamental, whereas faux wood blinds are made of a vinyl composite and hold up to changes in temperature much better.
  3. Custom Design: These blinds are a great option for Colorado Springs residents with the unique designs and expansive windows we can have to capture the view. Whether you have standard windows, or a home with all sorts of shapes, these can be a nice option to fit any of these. 

At Elevated Views, we offer quality blinds to our local Colorado Springs customers. We have seen these types of blinds work so well with all sorts of situations. Because of that, we are extremely careful about what manufacturers we carry. We only carry the top brands and look for durability, design, customer service, and quality materials. 

At Elevated Views, we carry these brands for faux wood blinds. We refuse to carry brands that don’t meet our high standards, so you can know that we’re providing you quality:

  1. Norman Blinds
  2. Graber Blinds

Who makes the best faux wood blinds for your home? Ultimately, you are the judge of that. We can help you source the most trusted brands and help you make decisions based on your own home and situation. Our goal is to help you make decisions for your window coverings with full confidence!


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