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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors: The Best Vertical Blinds and Alternative Window Treatments for Sliding Glass and Patio Doors


It’s important to be able to go in and out of your sliding glass door without worrying about a window treatment getting damaged. But we also understand the need for privacy, light filtering and temperature control, especially considering the size of sliding glass doors (that’s a lot of window)! Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors.


Window treatments for sliding glass doors don’t have to be just utilitarian, they can be stylish too! Here are some of our favorite patio door window treatments that will keep your sliding glass door functional plus make it chic!


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular options for sliding glass doors. However, today’s vertical blinds are not the same ones you remember from the 90s! The panels are made of simple yet durable materials, including PVC, faux wood and fabric. This gives you plenty of options to choose from no matter your style. 


Their simple, clean design makes them perfect for homes with more modern decor styles or those who simply like a no-fuss option as they are easy to keep looking beautiful. The clean lines of vertical blinds are eye catching and can also make your room appear taller and more spacious. Choose slide options of left, right or split from the center (so you get a stack of panels on both sides of your door when fully opened). 


What makes vertical blinds so popular is the ability to have full control over light filtering and privacy. Plus, they are easy to fully open by using the push/pull wand, allowing you to easily access your sliding glass door. They come in both corded and cordless options as well. If a panel is damaged, you can easily replace the damaged louver without having to replace the entire window treatment, making them one of the most economical treatments for sliding glass doors. 


Vertical Panels

If you want to take your sliding glass door window treatment style up a notch, consider statement-making vertical panels (also referred to as sliding panels or panel track blinds). These wider panels offer sleek style and hundreds of fabric options. 


Additional options you have with vertical panels include light filtering, blackout and even solar fabrics to help you get the ultimate in light and temperature control. You can opt for a wand, cord loop or motorized control. Here you can also choose left, right or split from the center sliding options. 


Vertical Cellular Shades

If you want better control over the temperature in your room, vertical cellular shades are the perfect choice for you. The honeycomb construction creates pockets of insulation, trapping both hot and cold air, keeping your heater or AC from having to work as hard (which translates to savings on your energy bill and a more comfortable home)! 


The pleats on this window treatment run vertically and when collapsed give you easy access to your patio door. You can choose left, right, split stack or center stack (where the shades can be pushed to the left or the right). 


This treatment is perfect for those who prefer a clean, modern look. There are hundreds of colors to choose from and you can also choose light filtering or blackout options to meet your needs. 


Sliding Shutters

If you are looking for more traditional style, rather than modern, sliding shutter panels may be right for you. These louvered treatments come in two large panels that slide back and forth just like the glass panels of your door. However, it is important to note that half of your door will be covered at all times in the traditional configuration, though it is possible to extend the track on the wall beside your door to fully open your sliding shutters. Also, you must close the louvers in order to slide your panels back and forth.


Just like with blinds, the louvered design gives you full control over privacy and light. You can also choose from composite, faux wood and real wood sliding shutters. Real wood acts as a natural insulator and can be a great choice if you want to help with passive temperature control in your home. You can also choose from a variety of colors and stains to match your existing furniture and decor.


Sliding shutters may be the most expensive option in the short-term, however the cost pays off in the long run. Interior shutters are considered the most desirable window treatment by home buyers, and they are willing to pay extra for them. This makes them the only window treatment that actually adds value to your home.


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