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When It’s Better to Use Vertical Blinds and When It’s Not

Vertical Blinds for Large Windows: When To Use Them

Horizontal blinds, window drapes, and shades are great choices to go with for your window treatments. For larger windows, vertical blinds are an ideal alternative

When is it better to use vertical blinds? Consider the following scenarios.

Pro: Vertical Blinds Are Best for Wide Windows and Sliding Doors

vertical blinds for large windowsSliding doors open and close from side to side. It’s only right to use blinds that do the same. Vertical blinds also do a better job blocking sunlight from wider windows than horizontal blinds can.

Con: They’re Not so Good for Narrow Windows

Vertical blinds just don’t cut it for normal-sized windows. Horizontal blinds or shades work better here.

Pro: Vertical Blinds Accumulate Less Dust

Vertical blinds have no horizontal surface. This means no dust accumulation and no time spent wiping down each slat.

Con: They Can Get Dirty More Easily from Touching the Floor

Vertical blinds made out of fabric can pick up dust and dirt from the floor. This can be a nightmare to clean. The solution to this is to choose vertical blinds made out of wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

Pro: Vertical Blinds Can Be More Affordable

As an alternative to large window drapes and shades, vertical blinds are less expensive. Of course, this is if we’re talking about treatments for large sliding doors and window panes.

Con: But They Also Don’t Last as Long

If you’re going for something inexpensive, they will work out that way. Vertical blinds don’t last as long, and they’re harder to repair once broken.

Pro: Vertical Blinds Are the More Versatile Option

Unlike window drapes and shades, vertical blinds can be opened in two ways. They can slide open from side to side, or they can be opened from turning the slats. These give you more ways to let in some sunshine.

Con: They Can Also Be the Louder Option

Because vertical blinds have loose slats, they’ll clang together in the wind especially if the slats are made out of harder material. If you’re not a big fan of the noise this makes, get the vertical blinds made out of fabric.

Pro: Vertical Blinds Can Block More Light

On average, the slats on vertical blinds are thicker than the slats on horizontal blinds. This blocks sunlight more effectively for the summer, and can also keep heat from escaping better in the winter.

Con: They Can Also Block More of the View

The downside of having thicker slats is they block the view more. Even when fully open they get in the way.

After reviewing these pros and cons, you can make your choice on vertical blinds. Are the cons too much for the pros? Or do the pros overcome the cons?

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