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Designer Worthy Window Treatments for Modern Homes

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How to Achieve a Pinterest Worthy Window Treatment for Your Modern Home Style

We all want to achieve the look of designer window treatments that we see on Instagram and Pinterest, but taking your personal style into consideration is key to success! Designer worthy window treatments for modern homes. 


Modern home design is an iconic style that emphasizes clean lines and bold shapes. Designer worthy window treatments for modern homes.  Often, these elements are highlighted by the home’s architecture itself. Here you won’t find heavy ornamented decor pieces or shelves full of knick knacks, but rather clean and simple graphic patterns and shapes. 


Before we get into some of the best window treatments let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts of modern window design.


Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Window Design

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing your new modern window treatment:


  • Do stick to treatments that have clean lines
  • Don’t choose a fabric that is busy
  • Do add warmth to your home with wood or faux wood window treatments
  • Don’t skimp on quality materials
  • Do add sleekness with metal window treatments
  • Do stick to neutral colors unless you feel comfortable adding a pop of color



Blinds offer clean lines that are quintessential to modern home design. Blinds are a great choice, allowing you to have complete light filtering control. They come in a variety of colors and stains to help match your existing decor, making them a very popular choice for homeowners.

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Minimal authentic dining room interior design


Choosing real wood or faux wood blinds will add a bit of warmth to your rooms. Real wood offers a natural form of insulation to the outside temps while faux wood offers the charm of real wood, but can stand up to humidity and won’t warp. When selecting your blinds, opt for smaller width slats. Also choose cordless as this will maintain the integrity of the clean, uncluttered look.


Sliding Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds are wide vertical slats of material. They are an updated and fashion-forward alternative to vertical blinds and are perfect for sliding glass doors and other oversized windows. They create a bold statement while still keeping clean and simple lines. Like regular blinds, they offer full light filtering control and glide effortlessly across their track in a sleek and compact design.


They come in a variety of materials from woven wood to solar shade material as well as endless color options, giving you plenty of choices. You can select from different opacity options as well, from light filtering to blackout. 


Roller Shades

Roller shades offer maximum simplicity with their minimal design. They come in a variety of materials and colors as well as different opacities depending on your privacy and light filtering needs. This type of shade is great for any size window, from small to oversized and you can even motorize them!


We recommend opting for roller shades in neutral colors for larger windows to create a clean backdrop for the rest of your home’s decor. For smaller windows, you can opt for neutrals or play with a pop of color.


Modern Roman Shades

While roman shades are considered a classic, there are actually 2 types of roman shades. For modern homes, we recommend the flat fold roman shades. This style of roman shade offers a more structured look while still adding a dose of texture and interest. 


Choose a flat fold roman shade in a neutral color and small texture fabric to let the structured folds be the star of this window treatment. Additional options include cordless and different linings, such as room darkening or blackout. 


Modern Elevation

Designer worthy window treatments for modern homes. At Elevated Views, we understand that the right window covering can literally change your point of view! We make choosing the right option for your style and budget easy with our free in-home consultation and quote. Book your appointment today and we’ll bring the showroom to you; then sit back and relax as our experts install your new modern window treatments!

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