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Aluminum blinds are a lightweight, versatile window treatment option for your home. Their simple, durable design can stand up to the daily lifestyle of an average home, and their classic look is an easy fit for whatever room they are installed in.

What aluminum blinds look like Elevated Views - Aliminium Blinds

Aluminum blinds are made up of slats that come in three widths—half an inch, one inch, and two inches—and they come in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor. From simple neutral colors for living rooms or offices to bright, fun colors for you children’s rooms, we can help you find a style, size, and color that works for you.

Features of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds offer many wonderful features that could make them the right fit for any room. They are easy to clean and resistant to moisture, helping ensure you have a clean and healthy home. Elevated Views can install them with standard pull-string controls or the safer motorized controls that eliminate the potential safety hazards pull-strings pose.

Light and privacy control levels

No one wants people peering into their home all day and night, nor do they want to be constantly blinded by sunlight streaming in through their windows. Aluminum blinds provide adequate levels of light and privacy control for any room, helping to eliminate these issues. They offer an affordable window treatment option while still helping protect your home.

Here at Elevated Views, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect window treatment for any room in your home, one that both functions the way you need it to and is within your budget. Give us a call today to schedule an in-home consultation so we can find one that is right for you.