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What to Look for in Blinds and Window Coverings that Will Actually Last

What to Look for in Blinds and Window Coverings: A Basic Guide

Let’s be real:  when you decide to get new blinds and window coverings, you want something that will actually last and hold up to whatever life throws your way. When it comes to blinds and window coverings, you often can get what you pay for. If you want to go cheap, that’s fine, but know you might be investing in blinds again pretty soon. So, what to look for in blinds and window coverings that will actually last? Take our advice so that you make the right decision for your home.


What to look for in durable blinds and window coverings?


  1. Look for quality manufacturers. Ask your designer and installer about the reputation of the brand. If the company you’re looking to work with is anything like us, we simply don’t carry bad brands. We only carry manufacturers’ products that we can also put our name behind. We look for quality so that we can sell quality to our community in Colorado Springs.
  2. Look at a variety of products. Look at blinds and window coverings from all price points. By doing so, you can compare the quality, finishes, and styles to be able to see which one fits and feels the best. Look at the details on the product to see how they are finished off. 
  3. Pay attention to functionality. Think through how much you will be moving your blinds or window coverings up and down or back and forth. Some window coverings stay in one main position for 90 percent of the time. Whereas, other windows are constantly being adjusted to accommodate light and heat. 
  4. Know your design style. Looking for blinds that last? Know yourself well enough to know if you like simple, neutral designs or if you like the latest design trend. If you go with a color that has neutral qualities in look or color, you can often change the interior design of a room without replacing the window coverings or blinds. However, if you go super specific in color and design on the window covering, if you redesign the space you might be looking at needing to swap out the blinds too. 
  5. Ask about warranties. Each manufacturer has differing warranties, so it’s important to ask these questions when you’re making your decisions. 
  6. Ask about the repair process. Ask what is involved if you have to replace parts or get a repair. While you may never need to do anything with this, your consultant may be able to give you insights into what that process might look like for you. 
  7. Look at online reviews. We pride ourselves in our quality reviews from real customers and many of these speak to our amazing quality. However, you can also view reviews of each individual manufacturer. Do a little bit of research to make sure you feel confident in the choice you are making. 

Ultimately, we want you to choose a blinds or window coverings choice that lasts you a very long time. We know it’s an investment in your home that improves your quality of life AND the value of the home. If we can help you find an option that is durable and lasts, all while achieving what you were looking for in window coverings, we’ve done our job!

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